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Liam, Partner of RuiBTC Currency Exchange: Industry Development Needs to radically reform

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Liam, Partner of RuiBTC Currency Exchange: Industry Development Needs to radically reform

September 17
16:38 2019
Digital currency gets more attention, Today, digital currencies are receiving increasing attention around the world.

Singapore – 17 September, 2019 – On the evening of September 2, the RuiBTC platform currency RB was officially launched.

A few days later, on September 6th, RuiBTC partner Liam finally accepted an interview with the reporter after several hours of travelling.

At this time, it has been only for past two months, since RuiBTC was officially launched.

In the past two months, RuiBTC has been favored by capital and celebrities, and has become a veritable dark horse in the eyes of everyone.

Liam, standing behind RuiBTC, has been convinced that the blockchain can change the world since he first contacted the blockchain, and he did not hesitate to devote himself to the tide of the blockchain.

This “unstable person” who started his business in college, finally found a stage where he could achieve his ambitions.

Digital currency gets more attention

“The future of the blockchain has come.” Young Liam sitting in the living room said very firmly.

“The blockchain technology is very promising, and it can change many social problems.” He explained that finance, insurance, food safety, etc., all involved with trust issues can be solved by the blockchain.

He also pointed out that not only blockchain technology is recognized. Today, digital currencies are receiving increasing attention around the world. Although Facebook’s Libra has faced some issues, it is getting more and more accepted. Previously, many people thought that bitcoin was a scam, but now its value has been affirmed. It is defined as a special commodity and is protected by law. If it has been illegally occupied, you can seek for legal aid.

He is a full believer in the future of blockchains and digital currencies.

As for the reason to establish RuiBTC, Liam said that it is mainly to solve the key issues of the industry development. After the digital currency became more and more recognized, security issues became a top priority for the interests of investors.

“A friend’s bitcoin is put in an exchange, but after a while, it lost. It is unbearable.” Liam wants to prevent such things from happening.

“Today’s RuiBTC strives to build a platform for investors from a security perspective,” Liam told reporters.

Liam is full of confidence in the ability to protect security. He believes that the team’s advantages in this area are mainly reflected in two aspects: First, RuiBTC has gathered top cryptographers, security and blockchain R&D personnel, and many core R&D personnel such as the original fire coin and coin security, and adopted the industry’s top The system-wide standard uses asymmetric cryptography and ring signature technology to ensure security. Second, the RuiBTC core team comes from the world’s top Internet and financial companies, including Google, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba and other top companies, with rich global finance, blockchain, internet work background.

The essence of business is capital games

Next, RuiBTC will strengthen close communication with some partners to further improve RuiBTC’s various businesses, including but not limited to some quality media and projects in the currency area.

According to Liam’s statement, RuiBTC adheres to the concept of zero-currency fee, community binding, and project win-win. It has assembled community forces in Southeast Asia and promoted ecological co-construction to empower blockchain and digital currency industries.

Recently, RuiBTC also officially announced that the top ten communities will join the Genesis node eco-group and will officially release the “Stars and Core Node Alliance” program next month.

According to Liam, the creation nodes include: Shell Community, Equator Community, Night Charm Community, Wenge Community, Koi Community, Apollo Community, Bayi Community, Zijin Community, Anyang Community, Longmen Community.

These creation nodes will give RuiBTC strong support in the promotion of platform currency mode, market announcement, and project currency.

Needless to say, any business is ultimately a game of capital.

Liam told reporters that he is well convinced and that RuiBTC has a lot of capital investment. Up to now, RuiBTC has won a number of joint ventures at home and abroad.

Liam admits that in addition to capital, talent recruitment is also a key factor in the development of the platform. The addition of Bull Market Finance, Conan of BitBlock Capital, and Li Wenchao, founder of T-capital, have undoubtedly injected new power into the development of RuiBTC.

There are only few qualified exchanges

At present, RuiBTC has set up a business group in China, and has already made arrangements in Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hangzhou and Beijing. Liam plans to recruit in other cities in China in the future.

In addition, Liam also said that the main body of the RuiBTC currency exchange is in Singapore, legally regulated, supported by the Southeast Asian Chinese Business Consortium, and will expand other foreign markets when the time is ripe.

The RuiBTC currency exchange is as full of “sharp” as its name. According to Liam, there are already more than 50,000 registered users in just two months.

This is not the goal that Liam pursues. He said that their goal is not to attract users, but to be an exchange that is friendly to both the partners and the users.

He hopes that the industry will develop in a healthy way and eliminate those inferior exchanges. “There are more than 20,000 exchanges on the market today, but many exchanges have no operational and technical capabilities, especially lack of responsible attitude. There are few qualified and qualified ones,” Liam said.

“Many small exchanges have poor security and poor user experience. Caton and stolen often occur. Some exchanges even cut project parties. They are cancers of industry development and must be eradicated. Industry development needs to be cleaned up,” Liam said.

Throughout the interview process, the reporter really felt that Liam and his team wanted to do something. A year ago, FCoin, the currency trader known as the “indiscriminate”, stirred the digital currency exchange pattern with the new game of “transaction is mining”. After one year, what kind of “field” will the RuiBTC Ruiyuan Exchange “snap”?

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RuiBTC As a rookie in the field of digital currency exchanges, RuiBTC has been attracting attention since its launch and has been called the dark horse of the exchange industry by many insiders. According to public data, it has more than 50,000 registered users in more than two months.

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