How Psychotherapy is Providing a Tailored Approach to Diverse Mental Health Conditions

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How Psychotherapy is Providing a Tailored Approach to Diverse Mental Health Conditions

September 19
20:38 2019

With mental health attracting much greater awareness and appreciation in recent years, there has been a heightened understanding of the diverse issues that can bring about mental health issues. Depression and anxiety can manifest in different forms and usually has a complex combination of circumstances lying at its source.

Deep-rooted phobias such as agoraphobia, obsessive compulsive disorder and anger issues, and more overtly externally-created problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder, bereavement, divorce issues and drug addiction, are all part of the wider difficulties posed by threats to mental health, and often need tailored, focused therapy that is specifically targeted at the individual condition and its causes.

Psychotherapy is a multi-layered approach that differs from psychiatry and psychology in that it provides a non-medical approach to treating mental health issues. It is often associated with holistic healthcare and has a flexible approach to therapy methods that allows it to tackle diverse conditions in innovative ways.

InnerSight Psychotherapy is a specialist clinic that provides treatment for many of the main mental health issues, utilizing a multidisciplinary team from across psychotherapy, life coaching, couples counselling and mindful eating. Its approach is built on collaborating with patients to jointly identify the root causes of the issues and develop the best solution.

The clinic’s therapies all follow the same four basic principles that underpin its core values. The first of these is a goal-driven approach – where the focus is on setting and achieving meaningful milestones that bring patients steadily closer to their ultimate target of recovery. The second is a non-pathology approach, which means that the clinic does not view mental health issues as a disorder; rather a set of challenges that can be changed and developed.

The third principle is to follow an experiential rather than analytical approach, which is to ‘feel’ and directly experience the issue and thereby achieve a greater sense of the unconscious, and work towards the root cause. The fourth principle is constructivism, which is where the approach is not to dismantle a patient’s perceived reality but to work with them to evolve and cultivate it.

“One of the core values of InnerSight Psychotherapy is that mental health is not a privilege; it is a right,” says a spokesperson for the clinic. “Within that, we do not view mental health issues as a disorder, but instead as something that needs specialized therapy to help guide and nurture.

“We strongly believe in the value of holistic medicine because it essentially promotes the interlinked nature of mental and physical health – one cannot exist without the other and indeed problems in one area are usually rooted in the other. We look at the body as a whole unit as this is the best way to tackle deep-lying issues and ensure ongoing wellbeing.”

While it can be all too easy to confuse psychotherapy with similarly-named conventional practices such as psychiatry and psychology, the key difference is that a psychotherapist will apply talk and experiential therapies in a non-medical way. But this is still applied in a credible way that observes the objectivity, confidentiality and duty of care that is central to conventional medicine – all are core components of providing care for individuals who may have had traumatic experiences.

About InnerSight Psychotherapy

InnerSight Psychotherapy is a clinic based in Maple, Ontario, and provides a range of psychotherapy treatments such as counselling, mindful eating, cognitive behaviour therapy and equine assisted therapy. They also provide reiki, yoga and existential therapy. Their website is at and they can be contacted on Facebook.

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