New Zealand EZZ has released a magical jelly that can keep people in good shape

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New Zealand EZZ has released a magical jelly that can keep people in good shape

April 23
12:31 2020

Recently, reporters learned from the New Zealand Gene Research Center that a piece of good news has been broken out after the development of the world’s first immunity flash charger (EZZ Gene Energy Tablet). A kind of “EZZ Gene Slimming Jelly” has been successfully developed for human visceral genes. This product can completely eliminate the fat that leads to obesity and fundamentally solve the obesity problem. When this product was first launched in New Zealand, it was snapped up by many beauty lovers.

Reporters learned that EZZ, the producer of this jelly product, is a famous gene technology brand in New Zealand. Meanwhile, EZZ’s popular products also include NMN Gene Energy Tablet, priced at 1999 Yuan, which is one of the most popular gene technology products in Australian pharmacies. This brand was founded by the Global New Zealand Gene Research Center. In gene slimming field, this Gene Research Center has set up a special expert team to develop gene slimming products. The world’s first gene slimming jelly has been developed after a tough scientific battle.

“Clinical research shows that most people’s obesity is not caused by the fat on the surface of skin, but by fatty liver visceral genes. Too thick fatty liver can make the daily intake of triglycerides gather around the viscera, which will limit and affect the metabolism of human body. In the long run, the body will not only become fatter and fatter, but also easily lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia and other diseases. Therefore, our research focuses on reducing the visceral fat to achieve the goal of weight loss“, said by Dr. Fabrice Merion, EZZ R&D director.

“Different from other defecation-centered slimming products, the core of EZZ Gene Slimming Jelly is to prevent fat absorption and help viscera eliminate fat through scientific methods. Based on the industry-leading gene technology, EZZ Gene Slimming Jelly can effectively prevent food absorption and promote fat consumption“, told by Dr. Fabrice Merion.

It is reported that the R & D team also matched the jelly with a special nutritional formula. In order to enrich the effect of slimming jelly, oligofructose, needle mushroom compound, multiple compound fruits and vegetables, collagen and other nutrients were added. Under the synergism of multiple nutrients in accordance with the gold ratio formulated by nutrition experts, this product can not only promote fat excretion, but also regulate our viscera to achieve the purpose of healthy weight loss.

A week ago, Charlotte, a New Zealand beauty star with millions of fans on INS, successfully purchased a box of EZZ Gene Slimming Jelly and became the first group member to experience the product globally.

“I stood in line for hours in front of the pharmacy in Oakland to purchase this slimming jelly, and I also saw a lot of people purchasing this product at that time. At first, I just wanted to have a try, but I was amazed when I took my first bite. It was so sweet and delicious. At present, I have been eating for about 7 days, and lost a lot of fat around my waist, meanwhile, my defecation is more regular, and my skin condition is getting better and better.“

“This kind of Gene Slimming Jelly will be launched in more than 30 countries including Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Australia and China. At that time, consumers all over the world can eat this Gene Slimming Product with black technology”, said by James, the Market Director of EZZ Brand.

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