A Mind For All Seasons is Leading the Revolution in Brain Health in Boise ID

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A Mind For All Seasons is Leading the Revolution in Brain Health in Boise ID

April 27
09:05 2020
A Mind For All Seasons is Leading the Revolution in Brain Health in Boise ID

Boise, ID – It has been believed that Alzheimer’s disease cannot be cured or prevented, but relatively recent studies have shown that with proper therapy, the signs of the disease can be improved, even when patients are already living with dementia.  Alzheimer’s disease usually lasts 10 to 20 years before symptoms appear, which means that early and appropriate intervention can certainly be a key factor in stopping the development of the disease. 

Over the years, seniors in Boise, Idaho and surrounding areas have been able to rely on the specialized team at A Mind For All Seasons®, a renowned center that focuses on helping them improve their lives through a functional and preventive program. This center is leading the revolution in brain health treatments for individuals and institutions by offering a variety of services, including tests and treatments that will help individuals to take care of their brain health.

“It’s never too early to start taking care of your brain. The secret to living a fulfilling life starts with excellent brain health. Whether you are in your 30’s or 80’s now is the best time to take steps to a healthier you. Our clients are enthusiastic about the results they are getting. Our protocol is unlike anything else because of how thorough, effective and affordable it is,” said the spokesperson for A Mind For All Seasons®, regarding the effectiveness of their treatments. 

Science has found that there are several root causes of cognitive decline; poor diet, genetic conditions, chemical exposure, as well as some chronic diseases are just some of the reasons why a person might see their memory seriously compromised; however, regardless of the cause, whether it is a genetic predisposition or some type of trauma, prevention of dementia is also possible with proper diagnostic and early treatment. This prestigious Idaho-based Brain Health Clinic has created “The Enhance Protocol®”, a signature program that includes comprehensive testing to evaluate the neurological status of their patients and determine possible risks of dementia. 

The Enhance Protocol® is a treatment regimen based in the work of Dr. Dale Bredesen, which has shown that there is a pathway to dementia that is different for everyone while teaching practitioners worldwide how to identify and modify many of the root causes of dementia. The Enhance Protocol® has been providing relief and restoring hope to thousands of people who are living in fear of Alzheimer’s, or who are already suffering from memory loss. The Protocol is designed to suit individual physical condition, age, life experience, medications, supplements and of course each patient’s unique biological markers. 

In addition to its extensive review of lifestyle and health history, as well as its comprehensive laboratory work for cognitive and functional needs, the Enhance Protocol® features a dedicated memory coach to provide weekly support and answer anyquestions for each patient individually. It also includes a personalized daily checklist for diet, exercise, and supplements.  For clients already living with dementia, the program provides training to care partners that empowers them in the area of communication, stress management and environmental modifications that provide a better experience. 

While Alzheimer’s or any other type of dementia will not have the same signs in every individual, the team at A Mind For All Seasons® has the experience to help each client find the best alternatives for treating their condition by offering personalized follow-up with evidence-based support and effectiveness of their training and treatment services.

A Mind For All Seasons® is located at 7655 W Riverside Dr, Boise, ID 83714. For professional memory care, contact them via phone at (208) 378-2860 or via email at [email protected] To learn more about The Enhance Protocol®, visit their website.

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