Ivy League Graduates Rally Together Across The U.S. To Support Covid-19 Efforts

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Ivy League Graduates Rally Together Across The U.S. To Support Covid-19 Efforts

May 07
19:47 2020
They are donating their time tutoring and fundraising for charity

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – Harvard alumnus Dr. Victor Buza and Doctoral Candidate Nina Maksimova launched tutoring site, Tutors Against COVID, with nine other Ivy League graduates and PhDs to donate their time during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Buza and Maksimova, a graduate and a current student of Harvard University, respectively, are joined by a group of experienced tutors with advanced degrees from Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, Caltech, Dartmouth, Oxford, and Cambridge to name a few from the ever-growing list — providing tailored, one-on-one online lessons. 

Buza explains, “Parents and students are dealing with disruptions in their education caused by school closures and a transition to remote learning. The benefits of one-on-one tutoring are immeasurable. We created Tutors Against COVID to be a win/win: students get a personal mentor who draws upon all their academic experience to help them scholastically, and an opportunity to help those in need!”

For those looking to receive tutoring from Tutors Against COVID, the only payment required for lessons is that 100% of the tutoring cost is instead directly donated to charities that help fight COVID-19. The list of organizations can be found on the site.

“We’re all here to donate our time,” said Maksimova.  “It can be challenging to keep the attention of 20+ students in a ‘virtual’ classroom. That is why we feel tutoring one-on-one is extremely effective in supplementing students’ day-to-day learning experience. All of our wonderful tutors have worked hard to succeed at some of the best schools in the world, and are ready to share their insights with you and support you on your academic journey.”

The not-for-profit, completely volunteer website promises to tutor students in the following subject areas, including but not limited to: Math, Physics, Computer Science, Economics, Chemistry, English, Writing, History, Philosophy, Linguistics, Astronomy, and Career Coaching.

Tutors Against COVID are accepting students from all grade levels, providing tutoring for students from elementary school through college.

For parents and students that would like to experience this Ivy League-level of tutoring, the first lesson is free and is meant to serve as a 45-minute introduction between the student, family, and tutor.

Additional information can be found by visiting their website, www.tutorsagainstcovid.org

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