You Hang Up vocalist Aaron3Point6 releases new single after 8 long years

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You Hang Up vocalist Aaron3Point6 releases new single after 8 long years

May 27
08:55 2020
“Fault Line” is a newly-released single by Aaron3Point6 which speaks of the true pain of deception on a gripping melodious note.

Phoenix, Arizona – May 27, 2020 – Great news for music enthusiasts looking for something new to beat the lockdown blues. Aaron Brown a.k.a. Aaron3Point6, the lead vocalist of former rock band You Hang Up, has recently released his new single this month. Titled “Fault Line”, the single comes after 8-long-years of Brown’s last release a decade back, which was You Hang Up’s “What I’ve Become”.

“Fault Line” was released on May 7, 2020. The single is produced by Brown’s own production house 3Point6 Productions.

“It’s an exciting moment for me to release a new single after almost an entire decade. It has been a really long time since I’ve created and released music and I have been waiting for the right opportunity for some time now to bring my next single to the world. Although I don’t feel that it is my “best” work musically, the symbolism and timing is of great significance to me and my life as well as my music career. Since You Hang Up broke up, I’ve definitely been living life and going through some extreme ups and downs, as well as working on new music, and when the pandemic took place I realized it was the perfect time to finally release some  of my new music”, stated Aaron3Point6.

“I am hopeful, my latest single ‘Fault Line’ will receive as much support and love from you as you have always showered on my previous releases. I am positive, the single will be able to offer a meaningful and relatable mood to help combat the current lockdown blues.”

“Fault Line” tells the story of betrayal at the deepest depths. At first listen it would seem as though is is written about a woman or a betrayed lover, but as Aaron states, “it is more about trusting the wrong voice on your shoulder when you know what the right thing to do is, and being ready to stop creating your own pain through bad decision making.” 

The music of “Fault Line” starts on a soft but gripping rhythm that sets the mood for the song. Throughout the track, Brown has kept a low-key yet melodious tune that has beautifully hummed the poignancy of a heartache – never turning the mood bland. 

“Anyone who has ever been betrayed in life, whether it be by yourself, a family member or a lover, will be able to relate to this song. “Fault Line” also speaks of the eternal truth that regardless of differences or rifts, if you have truly loved someone, you can’t stop caring for them, regardless of the distance between.”

“Fault Line” is now available on all the major online streaming platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Amazon Music and so on.

About Aaron3Point6

A name too commonly overlooked in the current rock and pop genre, Aaron Brown a.k.a. Aaron3Point6 is a highly talented and relatable artist. A man of many talents, Brown is a drummer, songwriter, vocalist, guitar and piano player. Over his career, he has played for a number of successful bands, including American Made and most recently You Hang Up. In You Hang up, Brown donned the roles lead singer, guitar player and songwriter and jammed alongside drummer, Frankie Muniz of “Malcolm in the Middle” fame. Throughout his career, he has played with music stars such as Alice Cooper, Plain White T’s, Andy Grammer, Hanson, P.O.D., MxPx, and even toured with Skillet.

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City: Phoenix
State: Arizona
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