Marilyn Bryant-Tucker takes pride in providing opportunities for people whose lives are impacted by COVID-19 by enabling them to become a part of $8 Billion Industry

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Marilyn Bryant-Tucker takes pride in providing opportunities for people whose lives are impacted by COVID-19 by enabling them to become a part of $8 Billion Industry

May 27
14:58 2020
Start your own eCommerce Beauty Supply Business today and join the Beauty Empire of Smart Entrepreneurs!

Raleigh, N.C., USA – Marilyn Bryant-Tucker has started her business with a Major wholesale beauty distributor dropship company.  She is the owner of Glorious Beauty Supply, an online beauty supply store.  She is allowing you to become a business partner with her team on the ground floor. Creating another income stream has never been this easier.

Glorious Beauty Supply is a hub of hair-care products, beauty tools, barbershop tools, wigs, skin care and hair extensions and houses 4000 products from different brands. The store also sells KN95 Masks, Disposable Masks, Hand Sanitizer and Gloves.

This partnership enables the people to become the owners of an online hair care products and beauty supplies store where the major tasks are handled by the major wholesale beauty distributor dropship company she is affiliated with while the owners can solely focus on promoting and marketing these products. The partner company not only distribute beauty products, but they also help people sell, ship, and if required, create their own products. This can prove to be a groundbreaking opportunity for hairstylists, barbershops, and cosmetology colleges to add retail to their store. Furthermore, having access to the products at wholesale prices can be highly significant because the company is providing better rates than most competitors to help people keep a high profit.

This is your chance to get affiliated with a major wholesaling and drop shipping company and start your own online beauty supply store business where you can keep up to 30% profits on your dealings. Reps get a chance to establish their own customized and branded beauty supply store. You will be on a team with a Marketing Consultant who already has a successful business and has marketing and branding skills! If you are coachable and teachable and utilize the company resources, you will have a successful business. Starting a business that requires zero upfront investment is no less than a golden opportunity to begin creating a business empire. Financially smart people can discern the huge amount of money they can make by putting efforts into an online drop shipping business.

Marilyn Bryant-Tucker, the owner of Glorious Beauty Supply is dedicated to positively impact as many lives as she can. She believes that black-owned products online are in higher demand now more than ever before and this is the perfect time to leverage this fact and build one’s own successful business. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic has instilled in people the demand for gloves, masks, and other hygiene products. Marilyn is glad to be able to deliver all these items to prospective customers too. While talking about her plans regarding this project, she said: “You don’t need a lot of money or sales experience to start your new beauty supply business. All you need is the passion to make money and either a PC, Tablet, or even a cell phone to operate your business. If you are serious about adding supplemental income to your life, your new beauty supply store is only a few clicks away!”

Anyone interested in starting their own online business can begin with a 60-day free trial.  They will have access to wholesale products, and a choice to implement curbside pickup for those that live locally and do not want to wait for shipping. Prospective business owners can also choose to start their brick and mortar store or operate digitally to make multiple money streams working from the comfort of their homes.

Instead of completing the 60-day trial, business owner can also opt to continue operating business by subscribing to any one of the two available packages. The Limited and Enterprise packages differ in terms of cost and facilities with the latter being the more advanced. It is very normal for people to subscribe to these packages because once their business kickstarts, all the costs are covered by their sales and they do not have to worry about financing their stores.  At the Enterprise level, they get a private label for their digital store.

Prospective business owners should not worry about the quality of products they would be dealing with. Marilyn understands that selling products is more about building respectful relationships with customers than just making money. The inventory maintained by the major wholesale beauty distributor dropship company comprises high-quality products only. It includes the most well-known and respected beauty brands available in the market. Marilyn’s number 1 priority is ensuring that her customers have the products they need for professional and personal use.

Upon joining Marilyn Bryant-Tucker Team by subscribing to one of the two levels of membership levels entitles the business owner to make purchases at discounted rates. Not only this, but they can create their own haircare line & customized private label hair products and become a distributor of human hair, wigs with their own Customized Branding Logo.

Get started selling today by having access to over 4000 brand names products!

More information about affiliation with Marilyn Bryant-Tucker can be accessed from here:

About the Company:

Glorious Beauty Supply is a comprehensive hair-care products, barbershop tools, and hair extension store which is now accepting collaborations with Entrepreneurs to start their own online beauty supply business.

Media Contact
Company Name: Glorious Beauty Supply
Contact Person: Marilyn Bryant-Tucker
Email: Send Email
Phone: 919-345-2892
City: Raleigh
State: NC
Country: United States

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