The Word Counter launches a series of “How-to-write” articles that can act as a resource for people around the world in writing compelling articles

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The Word Counter launches a series of “How-to-write” articles that can act as a resource for people around the world in writing compelling articles

May 27
14:58 2020
Find all the right guides at a single place to write captivatingly!

Los Angeles, CA, USA – The Word Counter is an online powerful tool that can count the number of characters, words, sentences, paragraphs and pages. The Word Counter can also be used in identifying any mistakes in grammar and sentence formation that can be immensely helpful for anyone who needs to write whether they are professional or a beginner. The Word Counter can also be used to check for plagiarism and suggests words that can be used to improve the quality of the article. The word count tool can count words in real-time so the writer knows exactly how many words are written in the article, giving the writer a sense of how much more to write. Furthermore, the character count tool can be used to keep a track of how many characters are written in the article. For example, Twitter allows 140 characters to be written in the tweets, hence the character counter can be useful for calculating the character counts beforehand.

The Word Counter has launched several articles to help beginner level writers or even some seasoned writers. The articles are how-tos, meaning they show the readers how to write a cover letter, how to write a check, how to write a resume, how to write an abstract, how to write a letter and many more. These articles are written by world-famous critically acclaimed writers, so the users can trust that they will help them in the right direction. People don’t automatically know how to write something for a professional capacity, so they look up online to find a solution. The internet is a great resource but it can also be vastly overwhelming, and the person looking up for something ends up being more confused. To solve this problem, there should just be a single resource that gives all the necessary guidelines and The Word Counter is just that. It is the best place to find all the information required in order to write compelling articles, resumes, cover letters and much more.

No more surfing the web for hours to find a solution for a simple thing, and no more being confused, just head on to The Word Counter and start writing. Want to apply for that dream job? That means a solid resume and a cover letter before anything else. The Word Counter is here to save the day, just read the relevant articles which are a step-by-step guide towards achieving your goals. Similarly, if a person just started blogging and wants to share his helpful ideas to the world, but he has no idea how to write an article, The Word Counter will give that person his solution, by providing a guide on how to write an article. Now that person can start blogging by writing his articles and sharing something positive to the world.

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