Rising health club ‘The Mind Body Hub’ helping to improve health through unique holistic fitness approach

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Rising health club ‘The Mind Body Hub’ helping to improve health through unique holistic fitness approach

May 27
18:59 2020
The Mind Body Hub guides people on attaining complete fitness through a wholesome fitness training for mind, body and soul.

Hollywood, FL – May 27, 2020 – Great news for fitness enthusiasts across the country. A rising on-the-go health club has come up with a unique holistic approach to fitness which has shown immense success with the followers. Titled “The Mind Body Hub”, the health club focuses on the well-being of body, mind and soul together to attain complete fitness.

The on-the-go health club is an endeavor by certified fitness coach Rebecca Peri. The leading coach is also a level 3 Reiki Master. 

What makes The Mind Body Hub different from other fitness training centers is its collective focus on both physical well-being and mental well-being. As a seasoned coach and healer, Peri believes health and fitness are not restricted to just one aspect. Rather, everything is interconnected and overall wellness or absolute fitness can only be attained when all aspects of your being are touched. In other words, the body, mind and spirit together need to be aligned in a positive way to reach optimum health and fitness.

“Your overall health is a combination of all aspects of your being, including not just your body- but also your mind and spirit. Thus, if you only focus on the physical part and ignore mental wellness, you cannot achieve complete well-being. Your mind, body and spirit all need to be synced together in a positive way for you to be fit and healthy”, stated Peri.

“The Mind Body Hub caters to all aspects that make up an individual, so that each aspect can be grown and cultivated to reach its highest potential. It leads to immense holistic growth, both physical and mental.”

Speaking on, Peri stressed her goal is to ultimately help everyone fight their inner battles and lead to a healthier life approach. She inspires individuals to develop a fit mind, body and soul so that they can enjoy an overall healthy lifestyle.

Her passion for health and fitness led her to launch her own health club The Mind Body Hub in 2016 and in just 4 years, her unique holistic fitness approach gained thousands of followers. Unlike other regular health clubs, Peri didn’t want to call the by business by her own name- rather she named it after the very essence of her holistic fitness mantra. The idea was always to create something bigger than herself; something that will inspire and empower others. Over time, Peri and her band of trainers have helped millions of men and women achieve their fitness goals with a collective focus on both physical and mental fitness. 

A major aspect that keeps The Mind Body Hub ahead of other fitness centers is its stress on customized fitness training for each individual follower. 

“We do acknowledge every follower comes with his or hr distinct body type and fitness needs or goals vary from one person to another. Unless your fitness plans pay heed to the specific nuances of your body, lifestyle, health and fitness objectives, you cannot achieve optimum wellness. In that light, we take up a customized approach, where we analyze your body type, BMI, and metabolism, to create your individualized fitness plan. Thanks to our years of experience, we do know a thing or two about the art and science of analyzing body systems. We will tailor our fitness plan based on the assessment to help you reach your goals like a boss. We will also guide you on the right equipments to be used and always be by your side to keep you motivated on your fitness journey”, added Peri.

The leading fitness coach regularly updates her followers on social media with guidance, motivation, healthy recipes and routines to keep them more fit and active. Peri encourages her followers to share their success stories to inspire and empower each other. Today The Mind Body Hub boasts a bustling community of proactive followers who believe in the spirit of uplifting fellow community members with positive vibes and great health stories. Peri regularly stays in touch with the community and actively communicates with the community members to promote an environment of mutual respect with a common fitness goal.

“The followers of The Mind Body Hub are not my mere customers. Rather, they are my fellow comrades in our collective journey towards holistic fitness and wellness. I aspire to build up a positive and proactive community of men and women that have struggled their way to a healthy lifestyle along with those that are still struggling.”

Ever since its inception, Peri’s virtual fitness community has been constantly growing. The “virtual” quotient has become even more relevant in the current times of social distancing where people are largely bound to their homes and cannot access their fitness centers. 

However, The Mind Body Hub isn’t restricted to virtual fitness only. Added to her online sessions, Peri regularly arranges tours, meet-ups and other activities with her followers to build her community and strengthen it. Unlike many other fitness clubs that mostly focus on training in a physical set-up, Peri wishes to integrate both virtual and physical fitness into one to reach the highest potential that her work can have. 

“I believe in the power of inspiration. If your offerings are inspiring enough, people would love to know more from you naturally. Thankfully, I have a great team by my side that produces high quality motivating contents that have always attracted fitness enthusiasts from all over.”

The Mind Body Hub website is bustling with a long line of happy reviews from the followers.

Rebecca changed my life!” – Lauren.

For more, please visit https://themindbodyhub.com/

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