The Most Sought-After Models of Patek Philippe Worth Investing

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The Most Sought-After Models of Patek Philippe Worth Investing

May 28
15:22 2020

In the world today of low-interest rates, progressively more people are thinking about investing their wealth rather than leaving it into a bank’s savings account. Accumulating luxury items has been a growing trend for many years now, and more people are gradually starting to take into account luxury timepieces as an excellent investment.

With that in mind, Patek Philippe is a perfect choice. It is the most widespread label for collectors to finance in. The trend towards vintage Patek Philippe timepieces is exceptionally prevalent, with plenty of money getting around in auctions and sales. 

Patek Philippe requires no lengthy introduction. You are likely to be here as a fan of the brand and somebody whose vision is to possess one of these extraordinary timepieces. In this article, let us discover four of the most sought-after models of Patek Philippe you may want to invest in.

The 5711 Nautilus

Several people will say that the brand was going on a catch up with Audemars Piaget’s revolutionary Royal Oak after it hired the admired and respected artist Gerald Genta in 1970. However, the resulting timepiece, the Nautilus collection, turned on to be a disco-epoch classic in its own right. These days, the demand is so great that you will need to shake your path onto a very long waitlist in order to obtain one.

The Nautilus 5711 is considered as today’s equal of the iconic Marylin Monroe – a piece of aspiration for nearly all men. Its attractiveness rate is so high that people no longer calculate the duration of the waiting list (as long as somewhere between eight and 12 years at authorized retailers and exclusive boutiques).

The Nautilus 5711 is impartially a great timepiece. It looks nice, is very neatly created, and has the perfect balance between dressy and sporty.

The 5170 Chronograph

The 5170 Chronograph astounds through its magnificence via minimalism. It is an extremely traditional timepiece and doesn’t showcase any further complications. Though, that does not mean that it isn’t anything special. The excellence of its 1940s style and design with its black dial creates a  statement of charm and elegance on this watch.

Even though the general concept behind a chronograph is the fact that it is a sports watch, 5170 is a more traditional and formal one. Sure thing, you can dress it in casual scenarios, but the timepiece truly excels when matched with a tie and suit.

The 5869 Aquanaut Chronograph 

The Aquanaut was Patek Philippe’s aim to provide a cheaper sports watch for those who can’t afford the more luxurious ones. It is, though, an exceptionally stylish, water-ready timepiece that has a sportier frame than the Nautilus, mainly because of the iconic mid-century dials and its bold numerals engraving (up until they surface it with sparkly diamonds, that is).

The 5869 Aquanaut Chronograph from Patek Philippe is a timepiece that’s a superb symbol of the chronograph complication, together with a subtle 60-minute totalizer on its conventionally positioned single subdials. Its orange hands are even more sporty, notably on a Patek Philippe, whereas the bigger 42mm case carries like a contemporary sports watch.

The 5146 Annual Calendar

Amusingly, not all collections from Patek Philippe are equipped with an elegant name. Both the Grand Complications and Complications series showcase timepieces that are named next to the complications they include. 

The Grand Complications collection consists of watches with chronograph functions and a perpetual calendar. On the other hand, in the Complications series, you can see world-time timepieces and, in this case, ones outfitted with an annual calendar. 

The Patek Philippe’s 5146 Annual Calendar comes in elegant white gold with a spellbinding slate gray dial. The blend of a lovely alligator strap and a 39-mm case make it the ideal contemporary dress watch.

The Bottom Line

The real attraction of Patek Philippe rests on their amazingly magnificent movements and the overall sophisticated finish and detail of all their timepieces. Nearly every component of the movement is thoroughly finished, the dial styles are unprecedented, and every part’s finish is to the top.

Today, the value of timepieces from Patek Philippe has grown remarkably. The costs of the vintage, along with some modern Patek Philippe models, have flourished over time, making them an attractive and worthwhile investment.

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