Lionel B Is Changing The Celebrity News Game

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Lionel B Is Changing The Celebrity News Game

May 28
17:48 2020

Lionel B is one of the most popular online figures in the celebrity news world. Not because of any music production or football, but rather his knack for reporting gossip.

Tech-savy, young and old hip-hop fans routinely come to him for rumors and viral offerings, whether it be Jay-z’s alleged daughter La’Teasha Macer or Offset issues with other rappers (the most-viewed video he has made). The Lionel B Show is sculpting urban news in his perfected image with a unique touch.

The man has amassed more than 185,000 Instagram followers, hundreds of thousands of subscribers to his YouTube channel, and he’s recently taken on showing off his comedic style on TikTok. There isn’t a website blog, but rather a series of hundreds of entertaining and addictive viral videos.

Lionel B was a music producer, and has worked with Slip N’ Slide records, and Saved By The Bell star Lark Voorhies on music projects. Originally from Panama City, Fl, Lionel B attended high school in Italy, he says, around 1995.

He was a popular teenager with a serious knack for fashion and even with a lot of friends, he clung to music, and was a huge fan of The Source Magazine. He was inspired by the culture through early rap blogs and forums, and by the time he realized his vision, he became comfortable enough to open himself up online.

“In college, I’m like, ‘You know what, I’ve learned all they could ever teach me, I can learn the rest on my own’,” Lionel B said.

Lionel B left college and became an entrepreneur and it definitely paid off. He didn’t notice how popular he actually was, until fans started noticing him in public, and requesting photos. “I was in shock like, why are they smiling at me,” the humble Youtuber said.

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