Homeowners Learn How to Pick the Right Sod for Their Home

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Homeowners Learn How to Pick the Right Sod for Their Home

May 28
20:06 2020
Homeowners Learn How to Pick the Right Sod for Their Home

Sod is a smarter option than using natural grass seeds. That’s because using sod ensures a lawn is completely functional and ready to use in just a week or two, while natural grass can take several weeks to grow. 

If a homeowner’s springtime projects include laying sod, they should know how to choose the right variety for their home. They get to select from several options, including fescue grass, zoysia grass, and Bermuda grass. While each grass option will look great, it’s important to find the right grass that can survive in the local climate. Some helpful tips for choosing the right grass for a home can be found by visiting https://ngturf.com/ or by reading the information here.


If a homeowner is looking for a lush, soft lawn where the kids can play, Zoysia is a great option. Like Bermuda, it turns golden brown during dormancy in areas with frosty winters and then greens up each spring.

According to NG Turf, This is a great choice for its excellent shade tolerance and wear resistance, along with its ability to withstand close mowing. Because it is slow-growing, it also requires less frequent mowing. However, if a lawn includes areas that tend to stay wet, then this might not be the best choice. Zoysia does not tolerate wet soil well. 

There are many varieties including Zeon, Marvel, and El Toro. All perform well in the southeast area of the country. El Toro in particular is a good choice as it requires less mowing and requires less water.


Homeowners in the South require a sod that can stand up to serious Southern heat and drought without daily watering. In these areas, Bermuda is the strongest contender. It has a recommended mowing height of 1 to 2 inches, although some varieties can tolerate heights as low as half an inch. Like Zoysia, it goes dormant with the frosts and greens up each spring.

It is a great choice for its high performance in numerous categories. Bermuda receives excellent marks intolerance of high temperatures and drought, along with wear resistance and the ability to withstand close mowing. However, if there are a lot of shaded areas in the yard, then a homeowner should choose another variety as Bermuda tends to perform poorly in shade.

The varieties of Bermuda Include TifTuf, Tifway 419, TifGrand, and TifSport. TifTuf is a relatively new cultivar from the University of Georgia, and it is recognized as a more sustainable variety compared to other grasses. It uses 38% less water than the other Bermudas, which is great in areas that see a lot of heat and drought. It also requires less mowing.

Tall Fescue

People that desire a green lawn all year round tend to turn to tall fescue. This type of grass is a cool-season grass that exhibits exceptional shade performance and cold hardiness with its deep green color. It has a recommended mowing height of 2 to 3 inches. Keep in mind, though, that it requires more water and maintenance than Bermuda or zoysia.

Popular varieties include Rebel Supreme, which was specifically developed with more extensive root systems to better withstand drought and heat in the South.

When it comes to choosing the right grass, there are a lot of things to consider. Being informed and knowing what factors are going to impact how well the grass will grow are crucial factors. Armed with this information, anyone will be ready to lay the right variety for their home. All they need to do is contact the professionals at https://ngturf.com/contacts/ and they will be on their way to having a new, luscious lawn.

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