Diagnostic Testing for Heart Disease Has Come a Long Way

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Diagnostic Testing for Heart Disease Has Come a Long Way

May 28
20:21 2020
Diagnostic Testing for Heart Disease Has Come a Long Way

People have been dealing with the reality of heart disease for a long time and medical researchers are looking for more ways to advance heart care. In general cardiology, there have been breakthroughs in the way heart disease is tested and diagnosed. The breakthroughs have allowed cardiologists to identify more risk factors that could lead to the development of heart disease. The breakthroughs also have resulted in more information being available for overall heart health. This article will deal briefly with how the testing is done to detect heart disease has improved significantly enough to give those with heart conditions hope for more efficient cures. More efficiency in cures will help patients with heart disease live longer.

Information about Heart Disease 

People who may be dealing with heart issues will first have their primary care physician do a complete physical, including some blood tests and an X-ray. Carolina Cardiology Associates is a center that is dedicated to providing quality healthcare for patients who are dealing with heart issues of some kind. The center uses several tests to help detect any heart issues going on with patients. The electrocardiogram (ECG) is done to help doctors detect irregularities with the heartbeat. The echocardiogram is an ultrasound that shows a physician about detailed images involving the structure of the heart and its function. Other things that are done to show heart issues are a stress test, Holter monitoring, cardiac catheterization, CT scans, and MRIs.

More Information about Heart Issues 

Around 610,000 people die annually from heart disease in the United States, and it is estimated that more than 700,000 people have heart attacks each year across the country. Doctors are doing more to reduce the number of people who die from heart disease, including using stents to help keep open narrow arteries. Whereas fat used to be looked on as a negative thing for the heart, physicians are finding out now that unsaturated fats are actually good for the heart. They help to reduce unhealthy levels of cholesterol. However, even people with good cholesterol still have heart attacks. Doctors are doing more tests to find out why this is so and what they can do to prevent heart attacks in people with good cholesterol. It is a known fact that heart disease is the number one culprit in the deaths of people in the United States.

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They will find that the center is offering a lot of pertinent and valuable information to patients and potential patients in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The center has a reputation for being one of the best resources for cardiology information and cares in South Carolina. The physicians on staff are all seasoned and qualified to provide the care patients need for cardiovascular issues and health.

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