Livid is bringing soul and groove back into electronic music, which is evident in his latest album “Geo”

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Livid is bringing soul and groove back into electronic music, which is evident in his latest album “Geo”

June 01
07:32 2020

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Livid AKA Fillip is a talented artist who works with a wide variety of music styles. Livid aims at bringing soul and groove back into electronic music, and he designs each of his songs very carefully, taking the listeners through an eclectic audio journey of unique soundscapes.

Livid recently released his latest album “Geo”, which is a beautiful collection of 6 great songs that embody soul-funk, and nostalgic characteristics. The songs in the album include – Mondays, Tuesdays La-nilla, Sweetheart, What You Say You Are, and Beat the House Down. The album gives off a soothing summer vibe. From danceable beats to chilled our rhythms for enjoying soaking in the sun, this album has a little something for everyone.

Livid says that music has always been a part of him, just like everyone else, as music is something that is inside all the people, we just need to discover it. The same journey to discover how to unlock it and freely express it in an educated way has been an inspiration for him. Livid feels that music is a lifelong endeavor that’s very appealing.

Livid’s musical journey started while he was very young. He says “I was raised in the country so birds were abundant around! I’d practice every morning whistling to the birds back and forth. This is where I first learned I had a natural talent with pitch, and recreating it. From there, I got a bass guitar from my parents as a gift. I loved playing it and learned many songs just by ear! After years of not being interested in the bass anymore, One day my friend showed me a software called Ableton. It was a software that I could make music with.” It was during this time that Livid’s natural abilities on computers took over, and over the 5 years; he learned how to produce and construct music.

Livid uses music to express his emotions more freely as he believes that “Music expresses feelings and emotions words fail to convey”. He feels that there is a sense of emancipation in music and one can completely be their real selves through music.

Livid’s music is raw and captivating that leaves the listeners wanting for more. He gives humble advice to his listeners to never lose touch with where they come from in music, as it is ever-evolving, and it always good to be acquainted with the roots.

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