Against All Odds: Jasmine Mines Becomes Successful Attorney, Sets Up Own Law Firm

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Against All Odds: Jasmine Mines Becomes Successful Attorney, Sets Up Own Law Firm

June 01
17:38 2020
Against All Odds: Jasmine Mines Becomes Successful Attorney, Sets Up Own Law Firm
Bi-racial, raised by a single mom with her father incarcerated in federal prison, this remarkable young woman has fought hard to achieve her success.

Los Angeles, CA – Attorney Jasmine Mines has recently set up practice as The Mines Law Firm, a leading personal injury law firm dedicated to ‘protecting the people, not the powerful.’ The firm takes pride in the fact that it doesn’t represent large corporations or companies, but rather focuses on representation of individuals, with personal injury as its main focus.

As a double University of Southern California graduate, Jasmine has a Master’s degree with an emphasis in Biostatistics and Epidemiology.  She passed the California bar exam on her first try, which is quite an achievement in itself considering that only 26.8% of students passed the last exam. Assertive, highly intelligent, and compassionate, she is rapidly gaining a reputation for being both aggressive and trustworthy, and her legal services have already helped many clients.

Sophisticated and successful as she appears, it would be easy to presume that Jasmine comes from a wealthy middle class background where becoming a lawyer was encouraged or even expected. Unfortunately, for Jasmine, her background was far from ideal:

“I was born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area,” Jasmine explains. “I’m the first lawyer in my family. I’m a woman. I am bi-racial. I am both black and Mexican. My father has been in prison more years of his life than he has been out, and he is still in prison today. So as you can imagine, things weren’t always easy.”

Jasmine was raised by her single mom, whom she describes as ‘scary strong.’

“By God’s grace I was raised by a strong mother who cultivated my existing talents and intelligence in a variety of ways… mostly with excessive sacrifice and support.  I also had an amazing grandfather, who was in my life from birth to age 19, when he unfortunately passed away from cancer. He helped me become worldly, cultured and very selective of my surroundings, among other things. His passing was undoubtedly the greatest loss of my life ever. All of this combined made me become the person I am today, so I have absolutely no regrets.”

Jasmine says that her struggles and experiences have helped her become a better lawyer – one who is more understanding and better equipped to stand up for the ‘have-nots.’

“I am you. If I can do this, so can you. You’re already a player in this game whether you like it, or not. You may as well learn the rules – the law. Knowledge of law empowers not only others, but yourself, too. With law, you have the power to literally change lives.”

For more information about Jasmine Mines Esq. MPH, check out her LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, Instagram page, or the website at

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