The ANR Clinic Pioneers New Generation of Treatment In Dealing With The Opioid Epidemic In The US

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The ANR Clinic Pioneers New Generation of Treatment In Dealing With The Opioid Epidemic In The US

June 01
18:28 2020
The ANR Clinic is a pioneer in the treatment of opioid dependency and management. With a formula that has worked wonders for many all across the world, it is now the turn of the United States to enjoy the benefits of this treatment.

Over the last several decades, a new phenomenon has been taking over slowly in the United States. The age of hard drugs had come and gone, but still, something else was doing something that it was not supposed to. It is important to note that opiate-related drugs have been claiming the lives of more than 130 people every day in the United States. 

On the other side of the world, the streets were getting littered with opioid drugs, and people were getting addicted right on the streets. This became the sole focus of Dr. Waismann, who worked to help inmates in Israel fight off the addiction and effects of opiates.  Through extensive research, he dispelled the use of medications such as Methadone, and he came up with his own. 

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This discovery now meant ANR was now the best option in the treatment of opioid dependency as no longer was it a chronic condition, but rather a treatable illness that would leave no effects afterwards. Thousands of patients had already been helped out of addiction at this point, but the future patients would benefit greatly. 

Dr. Andre Waismann & Indonesia Prime Minister

The success and human interactions of ANR with patients have seen the popularity of the treatment grow all across the world. Some of these countries include Israel, India, Switzerland, and Georgia. All of this has been through the blessing and the corporation of the governments in those respective countries.  

The work of Dr. Waismann has led to various presentations and discussions around powerful bodies in the globe. Perhaps the best example of this is his presentation to the Human Rights Committee heralded by the United Nations General Assembly. The session was meant to find solutions to deal with the global opioid crisis effectively.

It is because of talks and presentations like this that led to Dr. Waismann being asked to bring his clinic and his work to the United States. And that’s exactly what he has done. The world revered ANR clinic has opened its doors to the American public, with the first clinic opening in Tampa, Florida in 2019. 

Dr. Andre Waismann Speech At The UN

The opioid crisis has been a real problem for Americans. People getting addicted and facing dehumanizing effects now have a way to rid themselves of this problem completely. Treating opioid addiction is no longer a matter of having to suffer pain for a few days, and then trying to stay away from relapsing for the rest of your life. It is just as simple as treating a bacterial infection. All you have to do is be committed to the process. 

About Dr. Waismann

Dr. Waismann saw the effects of opioid addiction during his tenure with the Israeli Defense forces, where he treated hundreds of inmates addicted to street opiate-addicted drugs. This led to his development of ANR (Accelerated Neuro-Regulation), an anaesthesia-based approach to help people with opioid addictions deal with the adverse effects of withdrawal. In 2005, the Israeli Ministry of Health professionally accredited ANR as its preferred course of treatment for opioid addicts. He opened his first US clinic in Naples, Florida, in 2019, as part of his mission to help people understand that opioid dependency is a treatable medical condition.

Dr. Waismann received his medical training in Brazil, at Faculdade de Medicina de Teresopolis. In 1998, Dr. Waismann shared his findings around the safety and efficacy of ANR at the International Congress of Anesthesia at Frankfurt in 1998. In the years since, he has successfully treated patients in over 20 countries, including Indonesia, Australia, and the US. Today, Dr. Waismann continues to serve as the medical director of the public hospital affiliated ANR clinic in Israel. Dr. Waismann maintains a clinic in Switzerland and continues to lecture and educate health professionals worldwide.

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