FreedomFest to be First Convention to Open in Las Vegas

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FreedomFest to be First Convention to Open in Las Vegas

June 15
18:59 2020
For Immediate Release

June 15, 2020 – Las Vegas – FreedomFest, billed as “the world’s largest gathering of free minds,” will hold its annual conference as scheduled on July 13-16, moving from its original venue at Paris Resort to its new home at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

It will be the first large, person-to-person conference in Las Vegas since the lockdown began.

“We are determined to defend our First Amendment right as American citizens to freedom of assembly,” stated producer Mark Skousen. “We are pleased that Caesars Entertainment is hosting our conference at their premier property, Caesars Palace, and providing us the opportunity to network and socialize, as we discuss important issues regarding health, liberty and public policy.”

He added, “We expect a great turnout, despite the recent nationwide shutdown, and we are working closely with Caesars Palace to establish new protocols regarding distancing and sanitation.”

FreedomFest, now in its fourteenth year, is a popular event in Vegas, an intellectual feast held in the entertainment capital of the world. The Washington Post called it “the greatest libertarian show on earth.”

Authors, business leaders, thought leaders, artists, professors, investment writers, and political leaders gather in Vegas every July to discuss philosophy, history, science & technology, healthy living, geo-politics, economics, religion, finance, and music and dance.

This year’s conference will begin with an “Emergency Meeting” hosted by Steve Forbes to determine the impact of the virus scare and the shutdown on the economy, the markets, the healthcare system, the November elections, and Constitutional freedoms.

Forbes and John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, are co-ambassadors to FreedomFest, and usually attend all 4 days. “FreedomFest is where the best ideas and strategies are fleshed out,” Forbes has stated. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”  

Keynote speakers include MD and TV personality Dr. Drew Pinsky, and Dave Rubin, the political talk show host and author of the bestseller, “Don’t Burn This Book: Thinking for Yourself in an Era of Unreason.”

Past celebrity speakers have included William Shatner, George Foreman, Kevin O’Leary, George Will, Glenn Beck, Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, and Representatives Justin Amash and Thomas Massie.

FreedomFest also hosted a popular debate between Steve Moore and Nobel prize economist Paul Krugman. 

Even the US president made an appearance in 2015 that attracted a SRO crowd and major media coverage including CNN, ABC, Fox News, MSNBC, and C-SPAN.

FreedomFest also includes the annual Anthem Film Festival, the Pitch Tank competition of budding entrepreneurs, an exhibit hall known as “The Trade Show for Liberty,” and a 3-day investment seminar.

FreedomFest is famous for its debates, and the most critical topic each year is formatted as a mock trial. This year the government shutdown of the economy will be prosecuted. Was the shutdown a justified reaction to the health risk, or an overreach of staggering proportions? After vigorous examination and cross-examination of the expert witnesses, the jury will decide. 

Other concerned speakers include Steve Moore, Tom Woods, Grover Norquist, Barbara Kolm, Charles Murray, Wayne Allyn Root, John Fund, Jennifer Grossman, Wolf von Laer, Michael Shermer, Lord Matt Ridley, Nick Gillespie, Matt & Terry Kibbe, Ken & Li Schoolland, and TK Coleman. 

Salem Eagle Publishing will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of producer Mark Skousen’s investment newsletter, Forecasts & Strategies, with financial experts Alex Green, Doug Casey, Rob Arnott, Louis Navellier, Hilary Kramer, Peter Schiff, Jim Woods, and others. (See more under “speakers” at

Tech guru George Gilder, who is 80 years old, is coming. “I wouldn’t miss it!”

FreedomFest is supported by many free-market think tanks and freedom organizations, including Reason, Americans for Prosperity, Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), Young Americans for Liberty, Americans for Tax Reform, Free the People, America’s Future Foundation, Young Voices, Turning Point USA, FreedomWorks, The Atlas Society, and the Ayn Rand Institute.

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