Introducing Elajas Broadcast Network (EBN), an American Media Network with Free Content and Artist Promotion

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Introducing Elajas Broadcast Network (EBN), an American Media Network with Free Content and Artist Promotion

June 15
22:08 2020

Elajas Broadcast Network (EBN) is an American media network that broadcasts daily free content produced by its creators as well as sponsored videos by artists, content creators, directors, etc.

The broadcast network is still in its early days in the digital world as it was founded in February 2020 by celebrity Interviewer and content creator turned entrepreneur, Taylor Elajas.

EBN observed a promotion challenge in the music and entertainment industry which was amplified by Stefan Tweraser, CMO, Deezer: “The challenges facing our industry are as diverse as the music that we help users find and enjoy. It’s harder than ever to break artists in today’s environment. The pressure on artists in terms of promotion and content creation has never been higher. At the same time the people who embrace the opportunities that the digital landscape and streaming offers are the ones who will benefit the most.”

This is a problem EBN is out to solve with its content promotion for both creators and artists.

Speaking about his Broadcast Network, Taylor Elajas said: “I’ve gained notoriety after my ‘Is Reverse Racism Real’ Video was reposted by Amanda Seales from Emmy nominated Insecure, gained over a million views across several social platforms also the video recently went viral on Tik Tok gaining 1.9 Million views on said video. Now I want to use my fame, and my broadcast network to be one of, if not the, most prominent voices of my generation (Generation Z).”

Taylor Elajas is not planning to rest on his laurels after starting EBN. Speaking of his future plans, he said: “I see myself as a mogul with my name and brand being a household name. I plan on owning several businesses and being seen as an influence for anybody looking to get into the creative space that you should always do things your way and most importantly, Create & Innovate.”

Continuing, Elajas, in an advisory tone, said: “Additionally, for anyone that tries to paint you as a weirdo, tell them my infamous quote “I’m not weird, I’m unique.”

It’s this uniqueness that will, in no distant time, launch Taylor Elajas and EBN to the pinnacle of global media broadcast.

Media Contact
Company Name: Elajas Broadcast Network
Contact Person: Taylor Elajas
Email: Send Email
Phone: 516-667-0610
Country: United States

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