Imad Alami Marouni: LinkedIn Lead-Generation Expert, Shares How To Cultivate Meaningful Clients With An Overflowing Pipeline. He Has Proven Results In Service-Focused Businesses Even During Covid-19

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Imad Alami Marouni: LinkedIn Lead-Generation Expert, Shares How To Cultivate Meaningful Clients With An Overflowing Pipeline. He Has Proven Results In Service-Focused Businesses Even During Covid-19

June 16
09:10 2020
Imad Alami is a profound and successful expert of Lead Generation on LinkedIn. He shares his expertise on having an overflowing pipeline of customers without requiring advanced skills, experience, credentials and portfolio to build a successful service based business in this ongoing crisis of COVID-19. Based on his success, Alami has shared his reflections and expert advice in an interview.

In the recent turnaround of events, we’ve seen that COVID-19 has afflicted all around the world without any discrimination, distressing different aspects, especially to the small to medium sized businesses. Whether it’s online or offline, this Pandemic has caused a disastrous effect and will continue to do so in the days to come. People, nowadays, including the service-based business owners and entrepreneurs are seeking numerous different ways to save what’s left of their business. Fortunately, Imad Alami Marouni is the right person who can storm-proof a service-based business for those who follow an appointment-based sales system. A highly recognized LinkedIn expert, who generates leads for essential clients with an overflowing sales pipeline, has guaranteed to endlessly achieve exceptional results for any service-based business. He has produced a phenomenal book called the “LinkedIn 2 Profit”, in which he discusses ground-breaking strategies to monetize simple social media platforms like LinkedIn in the most straightforward ways purely based on his experience. Being an engineer and having a heart to empower people to produce income online is what Imad does best!

This recognition is the result of Alami’s work within B2B service providers and being an extremely appealing personality within the community, more specifically after his guest appearance on “The Podcast on the Anatomy of Conflict”; wherein he shared different types of conflicts that we encounter in a service-based business or, in fact, in any business, and how we can manage them to achieve our goals.

Alami, a native of Frankfurt, Germany, has been involved in new business development for the last 7 years and counting. His journey began at an event wherein a bidder named Andy Harrington gave a presentation in English to a German audience; and within just 90 minutes he closed half a Million Euros worth of sales. It was at that point, he started learning how to sell from scratch. He had his first engagement and professional experience in Network Marketing during his studies in International Industrial Engineering and Management. Though he had a little background in sales, he built a big team in a short time, until he realized the whole thing turned out to be a fraud. He lost his income, network and reputation overnight. At that time, he realized that network marketing wasn’t his thing. Although he was really good at selling, he could not win a single customer in the new partnership with his friend. There was no network anymore which could help with recommendations.

In the sphere of selling, he observed that people always talk about objection-handling, communication and closing techniques, but never about how to get appointments with people who are interested in listening to what you have to offer. He immediately realized that if he could acquire those skills, he would ace in business as these skills will be combined with his ability to sell and will enable him to make a significant impact on his business.

In a short period of time, he made a lot of money; however, these were short-term things that resulted in ephemeral success, accomplished from his previous endeavors. Facing the day-to-day responsibilities of a family man, he realized that real security was knowing how to have a full sales pipeline, creating a good offer and then selling it afterwards.

Social Media platforms had already existed during his school years; he clearly knew what kind of potential Facebook can offer and that it has created more millionaires than Harvard. He was well aware how coaches, course creators, writers, experts and speakers successfully use this platform. Most businesses know that sooner or later they have to take the step into social media and the good news is that LinkedIn is not just the new Facebook but simply the best place to be for B2B businesses.

Imad learned everything that he could from scratch about The Direct Response Copywriting, LinkedIn Lead Generation and Campaign Management. “I’ve tested over 100 campaigns on my Split Test, done A&B Test until I found the secret recipe that helped me to make over 50 appointments with only one account in a predictable way and that also for the most peculiar service industries; Especially, now in this ongoing pandemic where so many companies are flooding in like never before and more than ever”, Imad exclaimed.

The aspect of LinkedIn Lead/Appointment Generation is more important than ever before. You don’t have to cold-call people and get rejected again. You also can’t build predictable revenue by relying on your clients to recommend you, especially during the pandemic. Your clients have better things to do with their limited time than promoting you so you can grow your business.

Imad Alami Marouni is currently making sales records and has more conversations than he can handle; in fact, he has more of a problem, now, hiring the right people on the assembly line. The reason why LinkedIn Appointment is compelling nowadays, is that when you have a perfect offer that helps your target audience dramatically improve their lives. You also have the right opportunity with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator to sharply target the right people in the correct positions, in the right environment and right-sized businesses, which means that the people you are talking to, on the phone, are in precisely the places that are important to you.

In response to a question on the driving force behind His success, Alami has explained how it really boiled down to “taking care of his family and letting other people do this without anxiety and fear”. He believes that working with people who appreciate the hard work we do and with a full sales pipeline, all of this is possible.

Reflecting on the recognition, Alami is quoted as,  “All we really want to do is just take care of our families and being surrounded by people who value us”.

In a recent one-to-one interview, Alami reminisced about other past achievements, which helped build momentum in the present day; Notably, one of the proudest achievements was quitting his job as an immigrant without an idea on what to do afterwards, and then making his first 5 figure month 6 months later without investors, partners, or a network or wealthy parents. It all began in the play room of his newborn child.

Now, Imad is a successful engineer, author of the book “Linkedin 2 Profit”, a father, a faithful husband and caters more people to engage with his services than he can handle.

In the same interview, Alami stated his intentions for the future; His primary goal for the next 12 months will be focused on hitting the 7 figure mark. Looking ahead, the purpose is building a business which is systemized to the extent that it thrives even without the presence of Imad himself and be able to build companies from scratch and sell them to larger companies. When asked more personally about how they want to be perceived and remembered, Alami stated, “You can not pay your bills with the opinion of other people”

Alami closed the interview by sharing his recommendation for everyone who wants to follow in his footsteps in some fashion or, perhaps, taking the achievements even further. According to Imad Alami Marouni, the key is investing a great time believing in the value you deliver, understanding SOPs, experience and the desire of improving things consistently.

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