Top 10 Experts Share Their Strategies for Overcoming Adversity in 2020 and Beyond

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Top 10 Experts Share Their Strategies for Overcoming Adversity in 2020 and Beyond

June 17
20:19 2020
The Year 2020 has been anything but easy or normal, we have faced a Covid-19 crisis, massive unemployment, murder hornets, possible recession, and civil unrest. We rounded up our favorite Top Experts to provide their tips and insights on overcoming adversity.

Questions Are The Answers!

by Bert Martinez

Believe It or Not, adversity is Good. Adversity creates innovation. Some of the world’s biggest companies, products, and or services were derived or created because of adversity. Adversity makes us stronger, makes us more resilient, makes us grateful, and more importantly, makes us humble. Adversity is like a strong workout, we hate it when we are going through it, but we’re so proud at the finish.

My #1 Tip. So when you’re going through adversity ask empowering questions. What is good about this? What can I learn from this? How will this benefit me in the future? What are the resources that I can tap into?

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Bert Martinez is a Marketing Jedi. He’s worked with companies like Google and CBS, as well as over 1000 small businesses to solve their marketing challenges. Bert helps businesses uncover lost and hidden opportunities that could be worth millions. He’s known for laying down growth strategies for businesses in a single conversation. For more information visit Bert

If you have questions just text me: 602-560-7981

Overcoming Adversity With The Right Mindset

by Brian J. O’Connor, Esq.

As a personal injury lawyer, my sole focus is on helping injured New Yorkers overcome adversity and get their lives back on track. The lessons I’ve learned can be applied to any situation in which you may feel overwhelmed at what life has thrown your way. I want to share with you my advice on how to face life’s obstacles so that you can come out of those moments better, stronger and more prepared the next time life may take you off your path.

The key to overcoming adversity begins and ends with the right mindset. I use the word “mindset” to include your thinking, emotions, and thought process. First, know that you are not alone. The truth is that everyone faces adversity at some point in their lives. How you deal with that adversity will determine whether you succeed or not. With positive thinking, calm emotions and a deliberate thought process, you will overcome adversity and achieve your goals.

Many of my clients deal with significant and sometimes life-altering injuries that can turn anyone’s life upside down. However, these injuries are sometimes secondary to the obstacles they create: inability to work and support a family, increasing debt and financial uncertainty, and feelings of helplessness.

I believe that educating injured New Yorkers on their road ahead helps them learn to overcome adversity. I offer free books on my website (, including The NYC Accident Book, which provides answers to questions and explains the legal process. I wrote these books to let people know they are not alone in feeling overwhelmed in the aftermath of an injury. Knowing that others have been where they are and have come out better and stronger gives them the confidence they need to succeed and should be the foundation of your thinking as well.

Once you realize there is a way out, you will start thinking positively. Your next step is to develop a goal that keeps you focused. Always start with something simple that you can build upon. Don’t try to do too much too soon. You cannot get to the finish line by skipping the start. The right mindset also includes believing in yourself. Do not listen to the naysayers. Surround yourself with positive thinkers who believe in your success. Lastly, never give up. The right mindset will lead you to overcoming adversity. Best wishes for success! 

Focus on the Goal, Not the Problems

by Robert Edwards

It’s easy to become focused on adversity in our lives. But when we focus on the problems themselves, we are focusing on the negative. A negative mindset can make us feel overwhelmed and lose track of why we started the entrepreneurial journey in the first place. When we focus on adversity itself, adversity becomes the fixation.

Instead of focusing on the problem, continue to reflect and focus on the end goal.

Revisit the “why” of the journey and what awaits after these challenges are overcome. This helps by providing a more positive mental state, and a mind more receptive to finding solutions and pushing through problems.

Your Go-To Plan for Overcoming the Coronavirus Shutdown

by Ed Forteau

Many local businesses are facing the biggest challenge of their business lives…reopening during the time of coronavirus.

We are anxious because the path forward is so unclear. Most local businesses are underfunded, and facing restrictions, which further complicates the success of reopening.

For many local businesses, the path to a successful reopening will be the proper use of email.

Email has consistently produced the highest ROI of any marketing method, because it allows you to have true one-to-one communication with your customers.

Your reopening email strategy should consist of four parts:

  1. Your Reopening Announcement
  2. Customer Survey
  3. An Editorial Calendar
  4. Event Promotion

Announce your reopening to your customers. Thank them for their patronage. Let them know how much you appreciate them. Then transition into exactly what you are doing to keep them safe in your store. Be specific in the details. Your customers want to know.

Then conduct a customer survey. Find out what they are comfortable doing. This will change monthly, so you should prepare a new survey each month.

Here are some sample survey questions to get you started:

– Do you plan on shopping in-store when stores reopen? If not, how long would you wait?
– What is your biggest concern about going in-store?
– What would make you more comfortable shopping in-store?
– What type of product(s) would you buy first?
– What activities do you plan on doing more now? Less?

Based on the survey responses, create an editorial calendar. This calendar provides some stability for your customer, as it shows you are leading the way toward normalcy. They will also take some ownership in it, since they played a major role in creating it. You should let them know that, and thank them. It will give them a much-needed sense of community…that we are in this together.

Send out an email for each event on the calendar. Encourage engagement by asking questions that lead to your customers replying to your emails, calling you, and scheduling appointments.

Finally, make sure your emails get received. Sadly, up to 51% of marketing emails are never received. For a successful reopening, every email counts. We created an Email Open Rate Optimization & Delivery Checklist to ensure when you send it, your emails get delivered. You can get FREE it at

Ed Forteau is the founder of Forteau Media, and has advised local business owners for over 30 years.

How To Be an Inventor? The Real Story of The Invention for 3.3M Us Wheelchair Users.

by Nikita Chizhov

Innovation always comes from adversity. Having started studying the roar in 2017, I decided to look for innovation at the largest exhibition in Moscow and came to the rehabilitation exhibition. I asked the participants: “What can made your life better?”. And in long conversations with my current friend Dmitry Drobin, I got a concept that will change the market. “It would be cool if the device would attach directly to my stroller …” he said. I drove with a thirst in my eyes, bought a wheelchair for myself, took a sheet and started to think of drawing, and within 5 hours I drew a concept. So the idea of ​​Legmaker came up.

These moments remain in memory forever. Just sit down and draw a concept, and then, find design engineers, produce a prototype, register, enter the market, and continue to invent. I will recommend a book that puts everything on the shelves in my head about the process of creating an invention. How to License Your Million Dollar Idea: Everything You Need to Know to Turn a Simple Idea Into a Million Dollar by Harvey Reese.

I am proud to create what I started every day, my favorite company Rehabmaker, Houston, TX – manufacturer of physical therapy equipment, invented equipment that transforms pedal exercisers market, that main sector of global rehabilitation market that in 2025 plan to achieve $ 205B market.

An invention called LegMaker US patent 10603541 is a low-cost, high-function physiotherapy pedal device that easily attaches to wheelchairs it contains lithium-ion rechargeable battery powers for 8 hours. LegMaker allows to wheelchair user easy switch on the speed of the electrical motor and legs will be move and users at this time may spend time walking, sport, or whatever they want.

I wish you all success in introducing your innovations!

Sincerely, Nikita Chizhov
CEO Rehabmaker Corporation

Change Your Thoughts, You Change Your World

by Yael N. Lazar, Esq

In today’s rapidly-changing and uncertain world, many of us are navigating an array of challenges, including safeguarding our health and family, the loss of a loved one, financial distress, and the fear of the unknown. While it is impossible to be entirely prepared for all of life’s challenges, we can experience some measure of control by having the foresight and commitment to take actionable steps that can potentially influence positive outcomes. The key to overcoming adversity for me has always been to have the right mindset. I keep a positive frame of mind and surround myself with positive, supportive individuals. It’s not about what happens to you emotionally, physically or financially, but rather how you react to it. The only part we can control are our thoughts.

The first step is to stop making excuses.

They are limiting beliefs that we tell ourselves because deep down we are fearful of the future, the unknown or even of success. Our thoughts can both fuel and extinguish the fires of success. Our thoughts become self-fulling prophecies. If your internal dialogue is positive and confident you are more likely to succeed. If your internal dialogue is negative, you’ll likely fail every time. Set your mind and confidence will lead the way. Always try to find the positive in every situation of adversity. If you are conscious of this, it will eventually become a habit and you’ll slowly see things in your world change for the better. You’ll attract like-minded people, situations and opportunities that will help you overcome your adversity.

Personally, this positive mindset has served me well. I’ve built a successful tax and estate planning law practice, co-authored two books, including a best seller, I’ve been recognized in the media and have been recognized by my peers and by my clients for being a dedicated and results-driven practitioner. All of these achievements occurred when I shifted my thoughts.

My positive outlook is also reflected in how I operate my business. I’ve dedicated my career to helping others, and I am known as the IRSAngel and Estate Planning Angel. People associate angels with looking over loved ones, and that is what I try to do for my clients when assisting them with their tax and estate planning.

If you have minor children, you need a Kids Protection Plan®. It’s a set of instructions and legal documents which protect your children should something happen to you. You can even start the process of naming guardians for free on my website because I feel it’s that important to have.

For more information, please check out my websites ( and

Why Do You Need To Embrace Adversity?

by Soul Ongoiba

What is adversity? In the dictionary – Adversity means “a state or instance of serious or continued difficulty or misfortune”.

Before we go further, we need to pause and understand three principles:

Principle one – As I believe, So is my experience.

Are you able to acknowledge right now, the reason you are reading these lines is because you have been asking yourself the question

– How can I better my conditions? How can I overcome adversity in my life in this very moment?

The fundamental principle one has been spoken in all traditions for thousands of years. “As you believe, it should be done unto you” or “Ask and you should receive” the caveat is that you have to be ready to receive (You cannot receive what you have not accepted).

So congratulations, you have asked and you have accepted hence you are reading this. I want you to be cognizant of this moment.

Principle two – Life is always happening seeking a freer and fuller expression.

There’s vital energy, always at work in every living being.

That vital energy is animating our breathe, our heart beat, the grass growing; it’s in the bird, in the tree; it’s permeating all living things. The fact that you are reading this right now is a reminder for you to pause, take a deep breath and acknowledge that life energy that is given to all of us. That is your birth right.

All the grass need in order to grow is fertile soil, water and the sun. That life energy is here for all as long we follow the law.

Principle three – When there’s no resistance, there’s no growth.

All growth comes from practice. Adversities in our lives are for our spirit, what weight lifting dumbbell’s are for our biceps- they train it and make it stronger.

If you can see and internalize these three principles, then overcoming adversity becomes simple(not necessarily easy)

Because principle one reminds us that any circumstances present in our lives are brought forth by us (not someone else). That acknowledgment and ownership of the root cause of the adversity, lead us to ask ourselves -Principle two in action- How can this difficulty, contribute toward my growth in reaching my ideal self (that’s key- what is your goal, Your chief definite aim?)

Then if you are able to own your difficulties and understand why and what you need to develop in order to get to your ideal. Naturally, you will develop a path to overcome the adversity because you have understood that life is NOT happening TO YOU, but instead it’s happening WITH YOU.

Transform The Pain and Struggle Into POWER

by Becky Overbeck

To overcome adversity, you must have a STRONG WHY!

You must have a GOAL, CLEAR VISION or DREAM in mind.

Along any journey there will be struggles, hard times, and days you will want to give up.

But if you are DETERMINED to reach your goal and make your dreams come true, you will dig deeper than you ever thought you could. You will turn the struggle and pain into POWER.

Let the pain and hardships fuel you to work harder.

Always keep your mission forefront in your mind.

To reach any massive goal, it will take persistence, obsession, determination, focus, and a very strong purpose!

Dream it, Believe it, Work your BUTT off, stay positive, and watch as those dreams become reality.

Get Your MOJO On Baby!

by Roger Badenhuizen

When life is just completely kicking me in the nuts, the one thing that always helps is listening to upbeat music. It completely changes your state and allows you to relax while gaining perspective. Jam out to the music, let your guard down for a bit and HAVE FUN. You will be amazed at how focused your mind will be when you come back to whatever problems were affecting you beforehand.

A lighter perspective will always show the way to new (and IMPROVED) solutions!!

I grew up not liking classical music at all. In fact, one of my shining moments in life happened when I was eight years old with my mom in church (not my choice to go). They announced a musical selection by Bach, so I stood up and loudly told my mom I didn’t like Bach and wanted to leave… Now I have learned to appreciate classical music and how it can relax me. Classical music can help you feel more successful. Use whatever music will best inspire you and enjoy the ride!!

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