Cybersecurity and One’s Company: Firewall, Pentesting, and More According to

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Cybersecurity and One’s Company: Firewall, Pentesting, and More According to

June 17
21:40 2020
Cybersecurity and One’s Company: Firewall, Pentesting, and More According to

In the technological era that we live in today, the internet has become more important than ever. The average consumer lives and breathes digitized content, and so businesses both large and small have had to adapt to a new online platform. The statistics speak for themselves. 84% of consumers have said that businesses with websites seem more credible. But with this new format comes new challenges specifically how to defend one’s website and the customer’s’ information from getting stolen. According to, a security breach can be heavily detrimental to a company and cause a loss in customer base. But navigating cybersecurity techniques can be hard for companies beginning to ramp up their technology. You can use a company such as Cobalt.


A firewall surveils network traffic and determines whether or not to allow activity based on a set of predetermined rules. If something is unauthorized, it will be blocked. This is an effective but basic method of cybersecurity that has limitations. Proficient hackers can create programs that trick firewalls. For most simple software attacks, however, firewalls will do the job. It is recommended that all companies have some form of firewall, and there are many types available. 

Anti-virus Software

This is another simple form of protection that is still necessary to have. Anti-virus software will alert you to any virus or malware attacks from websites, download links, and even emails. It helps to catch threats before they become an issue.

Public Key Infrastructure

Public key infrastructure, also known as PKI, is a combination of software, hardware, and procedures that protects communication. It helps to ensure that all information passed between you and your client is kept secure. In essence, it performs encryption on your communications through generated keys. It’s a more advanced form of security helpful especially for companies with constant clientele contact.

Penetration Testing

No matter what form of cybersecurity a company chooses, penetration testing (also known as pentesting), is a valuable method to test that your security is working as it should. During pentesting, certified cybersecurity experts will attempt to hack your website to the best of their abilities, using the same techniques that real hackers will. They will then provide you with a full report and recommendations based on their attempts. This is an excellent way to ensure your security is effective and to get advice from professionals on how to improve it even more. But if you choose to use this service, you must ensure that the company you use is trusted. If you have more questions, there is a PENTESTING HACK CHAT THIS WEDNESDAY.  

Securing Your Company’s Future

There are many different ways to protect your company’s online platforms from attack. Some, like PKI, is specific to your company’s purpose while others, like firewall and pentesting, are necessities that all companies should use. Whatever you choose, do your research, find trusted companies, and make sure that you get the best fit for you. The internet may be essential for business now, but security is essential for using the internet. You can click for more information. 

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