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June 17
22:17 2020 Discusses Exploring the World of Bathroom Remodeling Kansas City

Not very long ago, bathrooms were strictly utilitarian areas of the home. They were often small, drab rooms that received little attention from their owners. All that has changed over the last few decades. People now place a great deal of emphasis on the size and appearance of their bathrooms as well as the functionality. In fact, one report shows more than 14 million homeowners in the United States remodeled their bathrooms during the last year for which information is available, and the number continues to grow.

Motivations behind Bathroom Renovations

It’s no secret people are spending more time in their bathrooms than ever before. In many cases, it’s the most suitable area of the home for escaping the chaos for a few minutes or unwinding from a long, trying day. As far as the current uptick goes, though, people are citing several reasons for putting time and money into revamping their bathrooms.

Some homeowners say they simply can’t stand the look and feel of their old bathrooms. Others find their existing bathrooms are run down or no longer working as they should and realize complete renovations are no more expensive or time-consuming than making the necessary basic repairs. Many remodel their bathrooms in an effort to increase property values before selling. Of course, the sheer appeal of creating more personalized spaces comes into play as well.

Current Trends in Bathroom Remodels

Based on information from and other sources, numerous trends are evolving in the world of bathroom renovation. Some are new whereas others stem from design themes of the past. Sometimes, the two ends of the spectrum come together to create completely unique motifs.

Lighting is one of the most intriguing areas to undergo a transformation. Energy-efficient bulbs help reduce the amount of electricity consumption, making for an advantageous change all its own. New developments in lighting also bring an entirely new level of customization and functionality to the mix. You can have countless types of standard lighting built into the room. At the same time, you can use transitional bulbs around mirrors that allow you to change the brightness and coloration of the lighting from daytime to evening and so forth. Those are only a couple of possibilities available from companies like Bordner Home Improvement.

Technology is also making a major appearance in today’s bathrooms. Homeowners can take advantage of digitally controlled water temperature settings, in-floor heating to thwart cold feet, and a wide range of other new developments. Thanks to smart technology, you can even control all those integrations from your phone as noted on the homepage of countless helpful websites.

Materials make a significant difference as well. Custom-designed tiles, marble, texture wall accents, and other alternatives help give the bathroom a unique look and feel. Freestanding tubs and floating sinks and countertops add flair to today’s bathrooms as well. Don’t hesitate to Find Inspiration in Award-Winning Home Design projects or use your own ideas.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, there’s really no right or wrong path to take. Consider your budget, available space, the features you need, and your overall hopes for the finished project. Whether you take the DIY route or seek professional intervention, revamping the bathroom can add a great deal of value, comfort, and functionality to this aspect of your home.

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