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June 17
22:46 2020 Explains The Benefits of Stream Audio on Websites and Apps

It seems that mobile devices are everywhere these days and most serve as portable music players. Thanks to the advent of streaming audio, millions of people around the world can listen to their favorite music, no matter where they are. Some watch videos that include music, many are tuned to favorite radio stations, and others enjoy playlists they have created and saved. With these facts in mind, webmasters and app developers often build-in audio software. It is a wise investment since app users and Internet visitors are drawn to music and tend to stick with those that entertain. 

Internet Users Respond to Music 

Many webmasters and app designers increase website traffic or app usage after reading a knockout postexplaining the benefits of adding streaming audio. Visitors stay on sites longer if they include music. Internet visitors who watch videos on a website are more likely to come back. Those who choose apps that include music frequently become repeat users. That is because music engages visitors and provides them with a pleasant entertainment experience. Streaming audio also makes it easier for users to remember what they hear. That can be huge when an app or site video is highlighting products and services. 

Audio Keeps Visitors on Websites 

It is human nature to skip over written material and go for entertaining audio messages, according to Most visitors stay on sites longer if they include audio. That makes it more likely that they will purchase something. Apps that stream radio are stunningly successful marketing tools. A Forbes article says based on information from Nielsen’s Total Audience Report, in third-quarter 2018 AM/FM radio reached 92% of adults 18+ each week. 

Streaming Audio Is Easy to Use 

Companies like design software that makes it simple for anyone to add user-friendly streaming audio to their app or website. It is even easier for users to use the software to find and play music on the go. That is critical since Statista reports that 48% of streaming music users say that the essential feature of a streaming music app is the ability to make a playlist quickly. They also prioritize ease of discovering and downloading songs.  

Installing Audio Provides a Competitive Edge 

Today Internet visitors are so accustomed to being entertained that they bore quickly and move on even faster. Providing instant access to high-quality music puts webmasters way ahead of competitors. For example, visitors may pass over a site advising that Long’s Park Summer Concert Series will stream digital concerts this year but will spend time on a site that actually streams the shows. 

Podcasting is a form of streaming audio that can supercharge sales. Advertising professionals at MNI Targeted Media, say advertisers can use podcasting to “target ads with pinpoint accuracy.” 

A few years ago, it was rare for websites or apps to include audio. Today it is an essential marketing tool that draws, engages, and keeps users. Website visitors tend to remember sites with audio, and many rely on the convenience of audio podcasts and music downloads for mobile entertainment. Developers now offer software that makes it simple to add streaming audio to apps or websites.

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