Listen in on “Under the Bodhi Tree” podcast where Tommy P. lays down inspirational content with a large side of REAL TALK

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Listen in on “Under the Bodhi Tree” podcast where Tommy P. lays down inspirational content with a large side of REAL TALK

June 18
12:38 2020

For those who are tired of sugar-coated words in the name of inspiration then “Under the Bodhi Tree” is just the right podcast. Host Tommy P. pulls no punches and gives it to you straight. If you are someone who gets offended easily, this podcast is not suggested for you, because here, unfiltered opinion is given enthusiastically and profanity is used generously (episode 4 talks about the benefits of swearing).

The podcast “Under the Bodhi Tree” went on the air this year in early 2020, with the first episode being released on March 27, 2020. This particular episode is just 6 minutes long where the host talks about that 9am-5pm life, work culture, and living a life of purpose. As for now, there are a total of 19 uploads (currently a total of 15 episodes with gratitude sessions on Sundays) to this podcast. Tommy P. has made sure to broadcast & release new episodes on a consistent basis (at least once a month). This is the kind of podcast that everyone should tune into after an exhausting, long, and/or difficult day at work… especially when you feel the need for some real talk that just soothes the soul in order to put you in the correct frame of mind without any flattery or cheesy affirmations. Rest assured, Tommy P. will not be blowing smoke up your rear end but his love for humanity is as authentic & genuine as it gets.

Some instances of the straightforward conversation in the podcast “Under the Bodhi Tree” can be heard in episode 3, released on April 1, 2020, where the host urges his listeners to choose their friends wisely, as the rights ones will help you grow, but the wrong ones will drag you down with them (crab in a bucket mentality).

Shining light on episode 10, Tommy P. totally hit the nail on the head when he talks about the natural human tendency to feel jealous when our own friends experience success. These are some things that no one talks about openly, but in “Under the Bodhi Tree” expect nothing less because Tommy P. is “bringing all that and a bag of flaming hot cheetos chips”. Trust us when we say these are the things that you need to hear in order to vibrate at higher frequencies and to become a better you.

The latest episode of “Under the Bodhi Tree” was aired on June 14, 2020 (episode 15), which delves deep on how the company that you keep affects you and if it is good for your well-being. Furthermore, Tommy P. passionately emphasizes on why & how we should cut out toxic people from our lives in order to live a happy and healthy life.

The whole purpose of the podcast is to make people aware of real issues that can help them think rationally about their life and well-being. Tommy P. directly says the right thing without being flamboyant. It might seem difficult to process such information at first (due to heavy use of profanity), but when you focus on the core message and its importance, you wouldn’t want to miss even a single episode of this podcast, just like many other current listeners. The concept of this podcast is raw & unique with a hint of urban ghettoness due to his upbringing. Tommy P. oozes with enthusiasm with every topic that he talks about and his vibe is so magnetic. You’ll naturally cling on to every word that he says and understand why he’s so endearing and appreciated by many listeners from all across the globe.

Listen in and join Tommy P.’s “Under the Bodhi Tree” on Apple Podcasts.

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