Erik Bouaziz and Mental Health Issues are Now a Priority for Individuals in the Current Economy

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Erik Bouaziz and Mental Health Issues are Now a Priority for Individuals in the Current Economy

June 27
05:38 2020

Erik Bouaziz can assist after any type of stress and the year 2020 has been stressful. Symptoms can vary from mild anxiety to full-blown depression, as it is the nature of humans to react very emotionally to all types of changes.  In 2020 family situations changed, financial situations changed, and other types of stress-related situations presented themselves.  There is a whole new system in place for many in their workplace and home situations and this has led to much-needed mental health support and a problem-solving approach such as Erik Bouziz addresses.  Some individuals experienced quarantine, illness, or job loss and did develop mental health symptoms, ranging from anger to PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome). Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome takes many forms and might not show up immediately. 

Individuals in 2020 experienced an “infodemic” of facts, which is a new catch phrase for information.

An infodemic is a total barrage of conflicting facts and information, which just confuses individuals and makes panic, anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mental health issues even more prevalent.  Even though “infodemic” is a new pop-culture term, it is very real, as the media did bombard individuals relentlessly with contradictory information and conflicting instructions on health and economic stability.  That is why a great one-on-one counsellor such as Erik Bouaziz, with a great deal of certifications and experience in his past, is where individuals need to turn now, in order to restore themselves to wholeness mentally. 

Recovery and the ability to go on and live a normal life again without fear and anxiety must occur. Erik can help those also who are struggling to find their niche in life again, as many are jobless, and becoming a “serial entrepreneur” trying to stay afloat by any means they can, jumping from one job opportunity to another.  Erik understands this is no solution as he himself was a “serial entrepreneur” and shed this behaviour which is counterproductive to success.  He now focuses all his energy on one-on-one mental health counselling. 

Those that were already experiencing mental health issues might very well have suffered even more. In 2020 with the closure of services, they were cut off from the resources they had used previously.  Alcohol use and drug use may also have become more prominent, and in order to restore mental balance, and wean off alcohol and drug use, one-on-one counselling is a good first step also.  Erik Bouaziz is both compassionate and experienced and can guide individuals now in their path to recovery from perhaps overuse of drugs and alcohol. Breaking the cycle of being a “serial entrepreneur” must also be addressed as this behaviour can be very self-defeating if done improperly. Jumping from job opportunity to job opportunity only enhances stress levels.  It is a self-defeating behaviour for most although some become successful serial entrepreneurs.  But knowledge is needed!  

Any mental health issue can hold anyone back in life and one-on-one counselling is the first step.

Identifying problems, setting up a great care plan, and effectively helping individuals to follow through on the care plan is a much-needed step.  Erik Bouaziz is a specialist that will assist however he can with concern and consideration for all patients in all types of emotional and mental health issues.  Do not struggle alone now.  Contact Erik and see how he can alleviate all the mental health issues of not just the past but the present. 

About Erik Bouaziz

Individuals seeking one-on-one mental health counselling can now do it quickly and easily with established counsellors such as Erik Bouaziz.  This type of counselling can be done remotely if necessary and can help individuals re-establish their lives and get back to meaningful jobs without falling prey to the syndrome of being serial entrepreneurs.  Many individuals need direction now and just contacting Erik via phone or email is a great step in the right direction.  Hours are flexible.

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