Irreverent British Recording Artist, Aaron Paul, Takes to the Streets of Washington DC With Calls for a Nation in Distress to – ‘DANCEAMERICA #RiseUP’

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Irreverent British Recording Artist, Aaron Paul, Takes to the Streets of Washington DC With Calls for a Nation in Distress to – ‘DANCEAMERICA #RiseUP’

July 15
17:41 2020

Singer, songwriter and style arbiter Aaron Paul in quarantine during the Corona Virus Pandemic for months, working in his recording studio at the home of his parents in New Jersey, Aaron Paul in collaboration with Montgomery Frazier, “The Image Guru”, has created a richly crafted, rhythmic, musical video odyssey, a #DANCEOPUS, if you will, fusing his bi-racial, cross-cultural, interpretive take on America’s chaotic, frenetic journey through cultural pandemonium and transition into a rousing call to Rise Up America! “Fuel the change! Dance to the music and be the change! This is a call to action NOW! Never before have we needed the arts to pull us together,” says Paul. “Music is the universal language and this song is for all Americans to RISE UP and come together, written with a beat that everyone from every culture can dance to”.

Pictured Above: British Recording Artist Aaron Paul & Jack (pooch) @celebritypomjack pose inside Peacock Ally, Washington DC, 2019.
Photography by Bryan Griffin @bryagriffinphotography
Styling & Make Up by “TheImageGuru” Montgomery Frazier @theimageguru
#APMusicENT c/o 2020

‘Dance America #RiseUP’ – A Mini Doc Music Video

Aaron Paul Featuring “TheImageGuru” Montgomery Frazier – ‘DANCE AMERICA #RiseUP’ – Mini Doc Music Video – Public YouTube Link:

Pictured Above: Singer Aaron Paul & “TheImageGuru” Montgomery Frazier on set shooting ‘DANCE AMERICA #RiseUP’ IN Washington DC, USA. 2019.
Photography by @TheImageGuru
AP Styling & Make Up by “The Image Guru” Montgomery Frazier @theimageguru
#APMusicENT c/o 2020

Paul explains, “New York City & the world was on lockdown and with time on my hands, I was driven to creativity. We had film footage for a music video shot on location in Washington, D.C. prior to the beginning of the pandemic, and it was just sitting there waiting to be tapped for this project. Filmed by Bryan Griffin and beautifully styled by “TheImageGuru,” Montgomery Frazier, it began to take on a life of its own when I began to edit it. Just so you know, I had no experience whatsoever on the tech side, but I learned how to edit videos during the lockdown. There was a real message in the song I was writing, and the video helped bring it to life. That’s how #DANCEAmericaRiseUP, a short docu music video was born.”

Pictured Above: Creative Producer / Artist Aaron Paul wearing a custom couture lavender gown by #DMV designers @dur_doux, #KFMediaGroup for the #DANCEAmericaRiseUP music video shoot. Washington DC, USA. 2019.
Photography by @TheImageGuru
Styling & Make Up by “The Image Guru” Montgomery Frazier @theimageguru
#APMusicENT c/o 2020

I didn’t tell a soul I was working on the music video for months and being on lockdown, it was great to be under the radar so I could really lose myself in my work. Montgomery gave me some really valuable overviews, but he really encouraged me to take creative license with this project. And he liked what I brought to the table. Being an amazingly gifted conceptualist, once he saw what I was able to do myself, he encouraged me to run with it and I believe our mutual respect has really grown because of our trust in one another.

Pictured Above: Singer Aaron Paul On Steps Of The Lincoln Memorial wearing a couture gown by @dur_doux #KFMediaGroup for while shooting the #DANCEAmericaRiseUP music video shoot. Washington DC, USA. 2019.
Photography by Bryan Griffin @bryangriffinphotography
Styling & Make Up by “The Image Guru” Montgomery Frazier @theimageguru
#APMusicENT c/o 2020

America has a colorful, vibrant history. I’ve made it my home for most of my adult life so I can speak personality to the experience of settling here, having moved here from Britain as a young man. I wanted to write and sing about what I believe to be the fabric and foundation and irony of America and its all-encompassing philosophies, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. I wanted to celebrate what is good about America even though we’re in the midst of a long overdue upheaval to address racial inequality.

The opportunity to live life as we choose without judgement or persecution is a tenant that must continue to be fostered and sustained for all Americans. DANCE AMERICA UP AMERICA is visual roller coaster set to a beat that reverberates throughout the body. “I have a dream”. It’s my hope as a musician that we can heal through music, dancing together as One Nation. Standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in our nation’s capital where we shot the bulk of our video footage, I couldn’t help but recall the words of the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King who said those famous words so long ago. We all have our dreams. Mine will always be, One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

The Washington DC video shoot was produced by Executive Producer Deb Chandler, KF Media Group. Chandler called on Cynthia Burt and Najla Burt, the international mother and daughter design team for the luxury brand Dur Doux in DC to provide couture clothing for the production.

Promotion for ‘DANCE AMERICA #RiseUP’ is already in full swing with the colorful pair appearing and on various global media platforms. First on ‘The YoShow’ 100th Show celebration with radio hosts, duo Jeff Porrini & Jewel Teti, where they announced their newest collaboration project.

Mr Frazier was a guest recently on the streaming network RVNTV’s Renaissance Living, interviewing with show creator and host Denise Pereau, where the ‘Dance America #RiseUP’ mini doc music video had a global preview. Montgomery shared the story of the videos inception and the importance of the messaging for all Americans during these uncertain times.


“The Image Guru” Montgomery Frazier On-Air Interview – Renaissance Living – RVNTV Network – With Host Denise Pereau – Episode Link:

Re-united with his boyband past, Aaron Paul and Frazier appeared together via Zoom, on the UK, London’s social media platform @iamwiththeboyband, a series dedicated to all things #boyband where they recorded a podcast with the platform founders & creators Zoe and Amy. Their platform is followed by 1000’s of boyband lovers, which includes many of Aaron’s former fans from his period as the original lead singer of ‘Worlds Apart’.


Aaron Paul & “The Image Guru” Montgomery Frazier – @iamwiththeboyband Interview 07/09/20 – Apple Popcast Link:

Scheduled for July 2020. Aaron will be featured on the cover of Womenz Straight Talk Magazine. In a celebration issue dedicated to Gender Equality, Paul gives an in-depth interview about his life to Contributing Writer, Denise Pereau. New York City Fashion and Visual Arts Creative Photographer, Lucianna Pampalone is credited as the cover photographer for the article and accompanying photographs.

‘DANCE AMERICA #RiseUP’ – Mini Doc Music Video Credits:

Written & Created by Aaron Paul / #APMusicENT c/o 2020

Filmed & Directed by Bryan Griffin @bryangriffinphotography / #bryangriffinphotography

Styling Imagery / Executive Producer: “The Image Guru” Montgomery Frazier

Executive Producer: Deb Chandler / #KFMediaGroup

Additional Music Production: #Exit39Productions / #PeterTanico

Music & Sound Mixer: Paul ‘Virgo’ Bent / #WorkingClassMusik


Aaron Paul Featuring “The Image Guru” Montgomery Frazier – ‘DANCE AMERICA #RiseUP’ – SoundCloud Public Link:

The single ‘DANCE AMERICA #RiseUP’ will be available on iTunes and all other digital retailers in August 2020.

For all information on AARON PAUL, please contact #APMusicENT via email at [email protected].

Pictured Above: “I have A Dream!” Say’s the jeweled encrusted face of singer /songwriter / Aaron Paul during filming ‘DANCE AMERICA #RiseUP’ riding through streets of the Nations Capital. Filmed & directed & captured here by #nyc photographer & director Bryan Griffin, #bryangriffinphotograpy.
Styling & Make Up by “The Image Guru” Montgomery Frazier @theimageguru
#APMusicENT c/o 2020

In collaboration @theimageguru @BryanGriffin @DebChandler @Najla and Cynthia Burt @dour_doux #PeterTanico #Exit39Productions #PaulVirgoBent @rasvirgo #WorkinClassMusik @lindaks @niner1 @lestatwatley

Written by:

Denise Pereau
TV Host/Columnist

#APMusicENT c/o 2020


Aaron Paul is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, model, and fashionista whose illustrious career spans three decades on two continents. Aaron’s gift for music presented itself at an early age, and by his teenage years, he had assembled a local group that performed all over his native London, UK. Aaron was discovered by the legendary ‘Simon Cowell’ who brought him into the nascent boy band Worlds Apart as its front man. The group skyrocketed to worldwide fame, making Aaron and his bandmates household names. After performing for several years, Aaron emigrated to New York City, where he emerged as a critically acclaimed Solo Artist, Host and Author. Aaron’s multi-faceted expertise earned him his badge as one of Us Weekly’s Magazine Fashion Cops.

Aaron’s contemporary discography showcases his talents as a vocalist, songwriter, and producer. His singles and albums enjoy widespread popularity, both at home in the US and far beyond. Aaron’s breakout chart-buster, ‘I Don’t Care’, was a worldwide #1 hit, and the “unofficial gay anthem” of 2014. His newest release, ‘DANCE’ will be released this summer, August2020. And features music collaborations with New York City’s legendary ‘Village Voice’ columnist and celebrated nightlife celebrity icon ‘Michael Musto’, Hip Hop legend pioneering tv/radio show host ‘Doctor Dre’ and Montgomery Frazier, “The Image Guru” @SohoMuse Celebrity Stylist and the Former Fashion Director of MTV.

Still enjoying critical acclaim of their smash hit single released last summer titled ‘FASHION’ (#itsFASHIONdahlings Mix) supported by it’s amazing music video directed by Fashion Photographer Bryan Griffin, Aaron and Montgomery are thrilled to share their latest collaboration with their legion of fans.


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