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July 15
18:05 2020 Discusses Understanding How to Invest in Oil Successfully

Oil has become an integral component of numerous industries as well as people’s everyday lives. It first came into play more than 2,500 years ago in China based on historical accounts. People of the era discovered oil and its potential and used simple bamboo pipelines to transport it from its sources to where it was needed. In the United States, petroleum production didn’t begin until the late 1800s. From there, though, it quickly gained steam and overtook wood and coal as the fuel of choice.

Understanding the Oil Market

Though the American oil industry got its start during the 1800s, it didn’t truly take off until 1901. From that point onward, oil grew to become a highly sought-after commodity. When it comes to determining the price of oil, a few key factors come into play according to and other authorities on the matter. 

Supply and Demand

As is the case with most commodities, supply and demand are primary driving forces behind the prices of oil. Reports show that the demand for oil has been on a steady upward trend since 2009. As of February of this year, demand had soared to 101 million barrels per day. Based on that, it’s safe to assume the demand will continue to increase during the years to come. Of course, that’s not the only factor involved. 


Since oil prices are also partially determined by the oil futures market, the matter runs far deeper than some other commodities. This portion of the equation involves two types of futures traders: hedgers and speculators. While the latter is essentially people guessing at the future prices of oil, the former entails purchasing oil futures in an effort to guard against pending price fluctuations. You can check out here to learn more about this aspect.

Market Sentiment

Oil prices are also factored based on market sentiment, or how investors believe prices will change moving forward. Some base their anticipations on the fact that Behind Oil’s Rise Is a Historic Drop in U.S. Crude Outputat present. As such, they may predict that production will continue to decrease, so supply will drop and demand will remain steady. In turn, oil prices will soar. 

Others look at the situation from a completely different angle. Many studies are showing that we’re nearing the end of Earth’s limited supply of oil. Though this could mean prices might ramp up during the years to come, it may also send them in the opposite direction. As new developments arise in renewable energy, like wind and solar, the demand for oil might plummet and take prices right along with it. 

Investing in Oil

For those who want to invest in oil, companies like EnergyFunders can offer a great deal of advice and assistance. It’s important to study the market and understand not only current oil prices but historic trends and factors that influenced them. One prime example would be the pandemic-induced price collapse of earlier this year.

With knowledge comes power, and being armed with insight can help foster success for oil investors. Understanding the market and using past trends to predict upcoming ones doesn’t necessarily guarantee success, but it greatly improves the odds. Still, this is one area of the market in which investors generally tend to gain satisfaction.

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