Discusses ACID Transactions for Greater Scalability and the Rise of Cloud Storage Solutions

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July 15
20:01 2020 Discusses ACID Transactions for Greater Scalability and the Rise of Cloud Storage Solutions

It seems the rise of the internet has completely revolutionized the way people create, share, and store information. Almost everything is done in digital format these days, and this has been steadily increasing since the world wide web officially went live back in 1991. In fact, over 3.7 billion people now use the internet, and we create an estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data with each passing day. Analysts expect this figure to surge during the years to come.

Understanding the Increase in Data Production

In the beginning, data storage wasn’t much of a problem because not all that much information was being created and shared according to and many other sources. Physical hard drives offered plenty of space for businesses and consumers to store all the data they needed. After all, people didn’t spend quite as much time on the computer as they do now, and most databases remained on paper rather than digital files.

Of course, all that quickly changed. Businesses were among the first to take their bookkeeping, customer databases, and other information into the digital age. Once computers and the internet became household items, individuals soon followed suit. Of course, social media and other developments only added to the amount of data being created and transferred online. This led to the need for a more sizable and secure alternative based on information from this article source, and the cloud came to pass.

The Cloud Is Formed

Certain ingenious minds saw the data storage problem on the horizon long before it became an immediate dilemma. In fact, the cloud was actually invented during the 1960s. Once the cloud market took off, it grew monumentally. Reports show it surpassed $46 billion last year, and analysts expect it to reach more than $222 billion within the next few years.

NoSQL Database Market Growth in particular is projected to soar during the next several years. This alternative gives businesses the ability to store and manage their information in a way that offers higher levels of speed and flexibility than other options. It’s becoming the solution of choice for companies of all sizes especially those that process, store, and transfer high volumes of data. 

Why Cloud Storage Is Important for Today’s Businesses

Cloud storage is essential for many businesses today. It provides a number of benefits over physical storage options not the least of which is being able to store far more information without the need for bulky on-site hard drives. Having off-site data backups is also immensely helpful as it prevents losses due to fires, floods, and other calamities. Access control, remote capabilities, and greater security are a few of the other advantages to cloud storage. Scalability and customization are important as well. Companies like Couchbase offer numerous solutions in this regard.

Bottom Line

From the security and dependability of ACID transactions to the versatility of the virtual world, cloud storage gives businesses quite a few benefits. As the amount of information being created, exchanged, and stored continues to grow, all those aspects are sure to become increasingly vital. No doubt, cloud storage solutions will continue to evolve along with the needs of the public as well. 

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