Estate Planning and Probate Law in Dallas does require Thorough Knowledge

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Estate Planning and Probate Law in Dallas does require Thorough Knowledge

July 20
05:20 2020

A good estate planning and probate attorney should be consulted for any types of estate planning and probate settlements.  There are significant laws and statutes in place within the state of Texas that can make the process of estate planning and probate a bit complex.  Even with a will there are requirements that survivors must follow to successfully probate the estate of anyone deceased.  Estate planning generally occurs before an individual becomes deceased and having wills and other documents and wishes in writing before death can assist the survivors tremendously in carrying out “last wishes.” Attorney Daniel Martens serves the Dallas and Plano areas with knowledge and experience in these matters.  Known as “Dan” he has been assisting clients in this geographic area successfully in these areas of law for decades. 

Texas state law can be specific in the requirements for estate planning and probate

These specific requirements and regulations for estate planning and probate are spelled out rather succinctly in the Texas State Law Library, and unless someone has a legal background, can be rather confusing to a lay person.  Missing an important step in the process can lead to financial losses when planning an estate or preparing probate paperwork for review after someone unfortunately has passed on.  Both types of law share some similarities, but there are many disparities as well, and the legalese is difficult for an average Texan to decipher.  While many individuals, especially when planning their estate, try to DIY (Do It Yourself), they oftentimes miss important steps and considerations, which leaves their loved ones with a general legal “mess” to clear up once they have passed on. 

Having a good estate planning attorney on board while determining distribution is a good step. 

In order to ensure that the estate of individuals goes where the money and possessions are intended, a will is a great first step, and should be specific enough to cover all assets including property and possessions.  Trusts can be set up during estate planning, therefore ensuring even more thoroughly that all final wishes are respected and dutifully carried out.  There are several different types of trusts which can be set up and most individuals are not aware of the many types that exist.

Probate can be difficult especially without a will or if no estate planning was done. 

Only a knowledgeable attorney can ensure that all matters relating to fair and successful probate matters are covered.  Although probate law is not as difficult or stringent in Texas as some other states, problems must be addressed in a timely manner and there is of course, a certain process that must be followed.  Missing even one step can tie the distribution of property and monies up indefinitely for survivors.  Avoiding any issues with estate planning and probate does start with having an attorney like Daniel Martens on board during the entire process.  Knowledge and experience in these matters does count for a great deal. 

About Daniel E. Martins

Attorney Daniel E. Martins has been practicing estate planning and probate law in the Dallas and the Plano TX areas for decades.  He has two office locations, and phone, email, and a contact form to assist with booking appointments.  Office hours are listed for convenience. He also practices business law, civil litigation, and real estate law.  His practice is devoted to excellence in all aspects of the law that he provides and a wealth of knowledge is available on the site for both businesses and individuals. 

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