Blue Light Glasses Founder Marks Four Years Of Improved Health

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Blue Light Glasses Founder Marks Four Years Of Improved Health

July 22
10:45 2020
Blue Light Glasses Founder Marks Four Years Of Improved Health
New Zealand-based BlockBlueLight was founded in 2016 by Daniel Ebbett to provide solutions for his chronic poor health. The blue and artificial light blocking products helped improve his chronic insomnia, headaches, and eye strain.

BlockBlueLight NZ is proud of its new milestone in successful operations in New Zealand. The company and its founder Daniel Ebbett developed its blue light glasses and related products in 2016 and has since become known as the premium supplier of blue and artificial light blocking products. The company ships its products around the globe from Hamilton, New Zealand, and Sydney, Australia. 

The specially designed Blue Blocker Glasses are designed to block and filter the blue light frequencies, which can disrupt the body’s natural rhythms. The result of blue light can include macular degeneration, sleep disruption, and digital eye strain. The company’s computer glasses are intended to be worn when using a computer under artificial lights. The company’s product line filters half of the entire blue light spectrum. 

Because of the research, Daniel Ebbett tried to find solutions for his chronic insomnia, migraines, and eye strain. He learned about the effect of light, particularly blue light on circadian rhythms. Blue light may suppress melatonin secretions, causing issues with needed sleep. Artificial light exposure during the day can cause migraines, eye strain, and even permanent damage to the eye. Dan’s research and development efforts brought about his scientifically backed glasses to address the precise frequency of blue light and green light, which need to be blocked after dark. 

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In addition to the ban of blue light precisely calibrated for those who spend a lot of screen time, the frames are created to be both attractive and to block blue light from entering from the sides where the eyes are not otherwise protected. 

The company has a dedicated and passionate R&D team that has gone beyond the original blue light banning glasses. The firm produces a line of various lighting products to reduce the source of blue lights in nurseries, torches, reading lamps, and light bulbs. Rather than blocking the spectrum of troublesome light sources, it is often more efficient to avoid emitting the light in the first place.

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Media Contact
Company Name: BlockBlueLight NZ
Contact Person: Daniel Ebbett
Email: Send Email
Phone: +64274186619
Address:58 Roy Hilton Drive
City: Hamilton
State: NZ 3210
Country: New Zealand

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