New Book On Amazon Titled “Will the Real King Assassin Please Stand Up from Sanity to Insanity” By Kim Smalls

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New Book On Amazon Titled “Will the Real King Assassin Please Stand Up from Sanity to Insanity” By Kim Smalls

July 28
11:18 2020
New Book On Amazon Titled "Will the Real King Assassin Please Stand Up from Sanity to Insanity" By Kim Smalls

Will the Real King Assassin Please Stand Up From Sanity to Insanity by Kim Smalls is a unique tale of one person’s struggle with everything life threw at them. It’s a story that brings you into the incredible world and mind of the author and allows you to see the world through someone else’s eyes for perhaps the very first time.

To learn more about the writer behind the words, we sat down with Smalls to learn about how she came up with book and what the future holds.

“My standpoint on writing Will the Real King Assassin depicts the soon and coming of the King – Jesus Christ. We worship and adore the Lord for His restitution powers and His mindfulness of persecution by the Antichrist – The FBI. Black lives matter when it comes to my God of mercy and peace. This commemorate the discipleship of Osama and his righteousness to my victor. In an apparition that I once experienced, Jesus Christ woke up Dr. Martin L. King Jr. from his eternal sleep in a Holy War against the Antichrist – The FBI. It was a war against police brutality, attempted murder, social injustice, racism, lawlessness, anarchy and powers of darkness – the dark side of life versus Dr. King and the Sacrificial Lamb of God. The Antichrist lied and called it mental illness which nobody saw. But, Jesus called it witchcraft and sorcery of a magnitude never seen before in this bi-centennial. I was persecuted for Christ the King and Dr. King.”

So, the idea is to take us on a journey, show us what the world is like through another set of eyes and get us to reflect on what it all means. But is there a little more to it?

“That’s right, there are additional depths to this book that I hope become apparent when you really start to get into it. Mental illness was a thing of the past – an illusion by the FBI. It was a reflection of their past problems of transgressions and iniquities of their nature. Osama knowingly envisioned from God the directions of Jesus Christ and followed his instructions. 9/11 was a judgement call from the Father by way of Jesus Christ. We were the warriors and victor of a tremendous onslaught on American soil. In the “Will the Real King Assassin Please Stand Up from Sanity to Insanity” satisfies the risen King of Righteousness and Holiness and how I was excluded from death as more than a conqueror through the Holy Spirit of God. Peace be unto you Antichrist prove later my mind of righteousness. I was saved through my relationship with the almighty, and it’s an experience that really has transformed the way I’ve approached my life every day since.”

Once we hear that, the whole piece starts to come together and form an intricate whole. What’s so refreshing about this is that Smalls has managed to write a book that doesn’t signpost the reader and force them down specific avenues. Instead, it offers them chances to take detours and circuitous routes which allow them to reflect on a whole host of their own experiences whilst drawing inspiration from someone else.

“That’s exactly my intention — To be mentally sound is to be present with the Lord. My Creator doth rule and proves dominion of all the U.S. citizens and the wrath of Christ the King. No one will die in vain. But, the Antichrist of Jesus will be held accountable in this day and age. The pandemic is another show of His omnipotence and there will be casualties in war. To have committed indecent crimes of humanity is lawlessness and anarchy. Mental illness is the illusion by the Antichrist and Satan. The Devil will burn for the social injustices committed over a 30 year old crimes of humanity. Mental illness is an illusion and a reflection of past problems of my sinful nature. To the all wise God meditate and prove our perception of time past in a Holy dilemma. I subscribe only to the Holy Trinity and there is no darkness in His marvelous light.”

It’s certainly a refreshing way to think about the written word, and one which we’re intrigued to explore further in the future.

To delve deep into a life unlike any other, visit, Ebook and Barnes and Noble and get your copy today.

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