Advertio Launches Performance Campaigns Charging Only When New Customers Are Acquired

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Advertio Launches Performance Campaigns Charging Only When New Customers Are Acquired

August 17
20:03 2020
Advertio Launches Performance Campaigns Charging Only When New Customers Are Acquired
Ever feel like advertising is bringing you more costs than actual results? If so, Advertio is definitely for you.

By charging you only when you acquire customers, Advertio makes digital advertising a truly risk-free investment with instant returns.

Since it was founded in 2017, Advertio has had the goal of helping businesses create advertising campaigns as quickly as possible and with the best results. From the beginning, the aim has been to democratise the advertising market and create a future where all businesses could share the same online space and reach their individual goals, regardless of expertise or budget.

Now, with the launch of Performance Campaigns, Advertio takes you one step closer to your online advertising goals, by allowing you to pay per achieved goals instead of per clicks or ads.

With this innovative way of advertising, you simply create your ads, select a budget and choose which goals you want to achieve — such as more bookings, likes, newsletter sign-ups or phone calls — and Advertio only charges you when you actually achieve them. Easy, right? By choosing one or more goals and paying per conversion, Advertio can help you achieve your goals faster and you will no longer have to spend your money on unfruitful results.

After taking risk out of the equation, it’s time to simplify the ad creation process and make it accessible to everyone. To do so, Advertio created Anna, a Smart Assistant, who can create ads for you or guide you through the entire process in less than three minutes. This means that if you’re feeling uninspired and can’t come up with engaging ad copy and images, or if you don’t really know who your audience should be or which keywords to use, Anna will provide custom suggestions based on your business and guide you through every step.

With the app live and running for more than a year, Advertio manages over 7000 campaigns in several countries with businesses that have taken this combination of practicality, no associated risks and expertise to improve their results and reach their goals faster. These businesses range from advertisers who are not familiar with digital marketing and are looking to nevertheless create successful campaigns, to digital agencies that have found a way of saving time and making the most of their resources.

Advertio is passionate about its product’s capabilities, so they’re committed to helping you reach your desired results no matter your business area, location or goals. Their Smart Assistant and performance campaigns both mirror Advertio’s commitment to change the way we advertise online by offering a solution where you can create ads with ease, know exactly what keywords to use and even get an estimation of how much you should invest in order to reach your chosen goals.

According to CEO João Aroso, “this was our vision from the start and, with all the challenges that 2020 brought to many businesses, launching the Performance Campaigns at this stage was the perfect timing. It’s great to see our clients succeed and achieve their goals with a little help from Advertio”.

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