A Cincinnati Private Eye Protecting Princess Di

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A Cincinnati Private Eye Protecting Princess Di

August 20
21:15 2020
A Cincinnati Private Eye Protecting Princess Di

Rich McDonough’s A Cincinnati Private Eye Protecting Princess Di is a unique period of history that has been told for the very first time. The most famous woman in the world, her childhood friend with a missing child and a Cincinnati Detective all combine in a story quite unlike anything else you will have ever read before. It’s stranger than fiction, wouldn’t be believed if it were on the big screen and yet every word of it is true. We sat down with the writer behind it to hear more…

“Thanks for taking the time to meet with me, I know that this is a story that may have sounded fanciful or too good to be true when we first spoke, but the truth is everything happened just like I wrote it. 

Even though it was nearly 27 years ago I can still remember it like it was yesterday. Di, was by far and away the most famous face in the world at the time and dazzling in the way she looked, spoke and sensual, just lit up the entire room, so I was shellshocked when she got in touch. 

But what happened next is an adventure that I think everyone who reads it will have to agree needed to be told. “One of the main reasons of NO press, were, the press couldn’t believe it!”

The PRESS, Reporters and other journalist, basically are usually skeptical and unbelieving of persons they interview, who are not what the press might consider classy enough to have had such an upstanding profile in life and or career, that might confirm the tellers honesty. 

So why would the PRESS believe a Lowly Private Eye,’s word – if there is no proof by publicity, BECAUSE, THE PRESS LIKES TO THINK THEY GET THE STORY FIRST!  Not a private eye,. “Pure Jealousy!”

And what reporter-press, would ever believe a story like this, given by what the press considers a Lowly Private Eye,   

“As a real professional private eye,” WHO lives up to their code of ethics in pledging, CONFIDENTIALITY to all Clients, we made a pledge to Princess Di, to keep her mission a total secret, and we lived up to that! As Di insisted on this pledge when hired, and we lived up to our promise, then and now.

“No names ever given, except the ones we made up. Even if other so called “Professionals” do not honor that pledge, and may let the Press in on what was going on, just so they may possibly gain their notoriety for themselves. But we will never!

“IS it TRUE? “I get asked this a lot”, and I think a lot of it is due to the fact that no one has ever heard of a similar story like this. They want to try and dismiss it perhaps by asking why it wasn’t authenticated at the time by the press, plus others and we mention why in the below…

“The truth is that I was running a business, she was ultimately another client and there were boundaries and sensitive issues that had to be respected a great deal, by our promise of confidentiality. 

“But now that time is passed and the young boy involved is at a very different stage of his life, I feel the time is right to add a unique period of her life to her public history and legacy.”

It makes sense when you hear it put like that, so what is it he ultimately hopes will come from this? A movie perhaps?

“That would be nice, but it really isn’t why I decided to pick up my pen and starting getting my memories down on paper. 

The truth is that it’s a story so few people know about, and yet it’s one in which the most recognizable face on the planet went undercover and helped to do something amazing. 

I want this story to be added to her memory and the way in which people view and remember her. And as well the fact that she hired Rich McDonough at the Shamus Private Detective Agency in Cincinnati, Ohio in America to be a part of this history!

Once we hear that it’s clear that this is a book designed to enhance the legacy of one of the most well-loved people of recent times. A definite page-turner from the first moment to the last if ever there was one.

To get to know a new side of a woman you thought you already knew so much about, visit amazon.com and get your copy today.

Other books by Rich McDonough are Post Mortem: Special Delivery U.S. Mail

Eyes on Cheating In America: And A New Breed of Woman and Martini on Ice: A Mac Shamus Novel.

Rich McDonough can be contacted for interviews and speaking appearances on the details below:

Email: [email protected]

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