What are the common disadvantages of LED displays

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What are the common disadvantages of LED displays

September 23
18:33 2020

Now LED screens are being used more and more, so if the large LED screens are abnormal, how can we fix them? Generally speaking, based on feedback from previous users, LED full-color displays have the following conditions and maintenance methods:

1. The whole picture is not a sporadic light spot, also called black spot, bad light spot, and dead light spot. (If a field does not appear, as long as the failure rate is within the range, it generally does not affect the display), the entire screen will be dazzling.

2. The LED indoor full color screen has a power jump box, the operation is repeated as well. (When short-circuiting, check the supply lines, especially the positive and negative power cable connectors to see if there is a next touch, as well as the combined power switch; one is no longer falling within the object’s wire mesh)

3. The LED display shows a row of abnormal results, flashing variegated colors. (From the abnormal important position, the board passes the inspection, check whether the flat cable is loose, whether the board flat cable interface technology is damaged, if any problem is found, the flat cable or the defective board needs to be replaced)

4. The LED display does not show big, it is all black. (Considering the problem of the first power transmission, the problem starts to rise, the power switch looks up to see if the power is broken, the loose cable checks that the signal has not been sent in the past, then there is a problem in receiving a damaged memory card; exclude one to find one solution)

5. When the LED display screen is playing video or pictures, the computer system software can show that the economy of different areas is normal, but the screen sometimes freezes and black screens. (Generally it is a network cable quality management problem. The black screen stuck phenomenon is caused by packet loss during the transmission of video information data technology. It can be solved by replacing the network cable with a better working quality)

6. The LED panel on the display shows a flashing square, variegated, and several lights side by side show abnormalities. That’s the board problem. Just replace the abnormally displayed board. The indoor screen wall installation is generally attracted by magnets, and the board can be replaced with a little force.)

7. The large LED screen has an area display panel that displays abnormalities, such as all random colors in the flash. (Usually a problem with the receiving card, check which receiving card controls the area, and replace the receiving card to solve the problem.)

8. The computer and the Internet cable LED large screen network cable are connected correctly, the software will prompt “The large screen system is not found”, even if the LED screen can play pictures and video functions normally, but the software is all set to send data failure and brightness to send. (Usually there is a problem with the sending card, please replace the sending card to solve the problem)

9. The LED display software window shows that the enterprise is normal, but the picture on the screen is disordered, staggered, or divided into multiple windows to study the same picture separately. (It is a problem with the software system settings. Enter the Chinese software and re-select the correct settings to solve it)

10. To synchronize the entire screen display of the desktop LED display. (If the LED is not equipped with a video processor, this feature is not implemented; equipped with a video processor, it can be adjusted in the video processor, and the screen area is synchronized to the LED display brilliance)

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