“E.V.A.IN.E.: Book 1 There Was a Place” New Book by Jackson Burrows

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“E.V.A.IN.E.: Book 1 There Was a Place” New Book by Jackson Burrows

October 03
07:21 2020

E.V.A.IN.E.: Book 1 There Was a Place by Jackson Burrows is a spellbinding novel that introduces you to a planet’s inhabitants’ co-existence with a ghost colonization from another world known as Deneva. The Denevans bring a concept all their own. They seek to fulfill the wish for the procreation of a super being. Not just for themselves but to be available and known to the immense and unfathomable universe. The world created by Dr. Ollemanhalu and his virtual daughter is one of rich life, transcendence, and a higher thought towards a culmination that leads to crisis on their adopted world. The result? A page-turner that you’ll struggle to put down as you move from one chapter to the next.

“What I really wanted to create with this novel is that far from this world a race of once desperate people had fallen and recovered by an unexpected turn of occurrences; being given a glimpse of a ‘transcending love’ into what became their united hope for the future. Though profound, E.V.A.IN.E.’s creation was just a peek into the projection of their salvation on their home world of Deneva that ended for all time their destructive mannerisms.”

Fascinating, so what inspired Burrows to tackle such a complex narrative when there would have certainly been easier ideas out there to grapple with.

“That’s an interesting question. In the story’s developing theme, a citizen of remarkable insight and intelligence, Dr. Ollemanhalu, does the impossible. He creates a transferable virtual representative from his doctorate work in the natural world to aid the people in establishing the natural development of genesis to save his civilizations race. Further he gives a name to this representative. E.V.A.IN.E. extended virtual artificial intelligent entity.”

It’s certainly a clever way of looking at story telling, so what comes next?

“Another good question there! For me to build this universe there foremost had to be a unique love story along with the intrusion of violent horror. The trilogy introduces the reader to a building question. Can transcendence be prescribed and achieved by unconventional means and what would be the consequences? Mystery is a funny thing to create and control and is proven to be so in the interaction of the story’s characters with the main theme of the series. And not all turns in the story can be anticipated by them or the one who is reading the play for the first time.”

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