Coora Media launches as the first Inbound Marketing Agency for AdTech & Programmatic Companies.

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Coora Media launches as the first Inbound Marketing Agency for AdTech & Programmatic Companies.

December 01
18:27 2020
Coora Media offers business intelligence, sales enablement, and marketing services to help AdTech & Programmatic Companies grow their revenue and scale their business.

Eugene Koss is the founder of Coora Media, an Inbound Marketing Agency specializing in business analytics, sales enablement & inbound marketing services.

He is leveraging his knowledge and expertise in the AdTech industry to deliver world-class marketing strategies to small and medium-sized businesses.

Eugene understood that there is a huge gap in growth strategies within AdTech & Programmatic companies. Less well known AdTech & Programmatic companies are at risk of becoming obsolete due to high competition.

Similarly, brands and agencies that choose to spend millions of dollars on bigger players will soon oversaturate the market.

As the AdTech industry will only expand and grow larger, it’s important for there to be technology differentiators on the market other than the walled gardens.

This leaves a unique opportunity for AdTech & Programmatic companies that are not as prominent.

Coora Media is dedicated to helping AdTech & Programmatic companies grow their business by providing go to market strategies and business intelligence services to help them uncover product and process gaps.

If AdTech & Programmatic companies are providing a better user experience on their platform that produces results – they will be able to offer an alternative for marketers today.

This in turn will enable them to grow their market share.

As the demand for these types of services develops exponentially, Coora Media remains to this day fully self-funded.

More information can be found here:

About Eugene Koss

Eugene is a skilled professional with 10+ years of experience in helping AdTech companies grow. Through his own experience of building DSP’s, SSP’s and launching Programmatic departments in many companies often ahead of its time – Eugene understands how important it is to have an agency like Coora Media that can provide strategic management and support their business teams along the way.

Media Contact
Company Name: Coora Media
Contact Person: Eugene Koss
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Phone: +1 (424) 332-8361
Country: United States

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