Brandon Hensinger on Growing One’s Entrepreneurial Mindset The Adventurous Way

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Brandon Hensinger on Growing One’s Entrepreneurial Mindset The Adventurous Way

December 07
11:25 2020
Brandon Hensinger on Growing One’s Entrepreneurial Mindset The Adventurous Way

Helen Keller, a prominent American author, once said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” This goes the same for people who pursue entrepreneurial success. It may sound unorthodox for some, but entrepreneurship is about letting go and enjoying the adventure. A spice of adventure in business can spur innovative ideas, encourage the team to thrive despite the setbacks, and bolster finding effective business solutions. This is what published serial entrepreneur Brandon Hensinger believes to be the future of entrepreneurship.

Brandon Hensinger has built his education and career in the field of reproductive health and genetics. His knowledge, coupled with blazing passion, laid the foundation of Avrio Genetics, a leading company specializing in fertility testing solutions. At its core, Avrio Genetics provides a better tomorrow for its patients through access to cutting edge reproductive health and personalized healthcare services. 

Brandon’s passion for continued learning and knack for entrepreneurial adventure led to his company’s immense growth. Today, Avrio Genetics has launched the world’s first Non-Invasive PGT-A Technology. This breakthrough in reproductive healthcare made embryo screening non-invasive for women who go through fertility treatments. On top of that, his health organization helped address the COVID-19 pandemic by creating testing laboratories that provide potent testing solutions.

The success of his empire is grounded on his belief that entrepreneurship should be a lifelong adventure. As a healthcare entrepreneur, he upholds this philosophy in all aspects of his life. He encourages people to deviate from following a predefined path to success and happiness. Instead, aspiring entrepreneurs should focus on finding their meaning and purpose as those will serve as the cornerstone of their businesses. This entrepreneurial mindset allowed Brandon to identify new markets and opportunities, build multiple international companies, and travel worldwide to speak at events.

In the hopes to inspire future entrepreneurs like him, Brandon is set to launch his coaching company. This passion project intends to extend a helping hand to all entrepreneurs to realize their greatest potential. Utilizing his own experience, the business expert anticipates guiding entrepreneurs to the path of success and productivity while still living an adventurous lifestyle. In line with this, Brandon will soon launch his own book titled “Stand on The Summit: Reaching the Peak in Life and Business, Through the Lens of a Lifetime Climber and Entrepreneur.” Moreover, Brandon has several ebooks on his website that are entirely free to read and download. 

Managing a business requires stamina, drive, and determination. This is part of the adventure of entrepreneurship, according to the CEO of Avrio Genetics. There might be moments of exhaustion and discouragement, but the key is to embrace all those experiences along with the celebratory ones. Brandon hopes to instill the same doctrine during his coaching sessions with his co-entrepreneurs. 

As a charismatic leader and strong entrepreneurial skills, Brandon Hensinger is one step away from conquering the global stage. In the next five years, one might see Brandon at TED events inspiring and setting a role model for all businessmen out there. Learn more about him by reaching out to him on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Youtube.

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