Mehrzad Ferdows and Digital Transformation in Today’s Organizations

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Mehrzad Ferdows and Digital Transformation in Today’s Organizations

January 08
17:42 2021

Entrepreneur and business coach, Mehrzad Ferdows discussed different aspects of digital transformation in a webinar with managers and founders of the logistics industry.

Mehrzad Ferdows believes that to create an efficient workforce in the future, leaders must reconsider employee issues and organizational strategies in terms of digital transformation concepts. “Today, new technologies have accelerated the pace of innovation and participation. It is true that digital tools and devices are the bedrock of innovation, but the reality is that the main driver of innovation in an organization is its exceptional and irreplaceable employees.” He said.

Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows added that, on the other hand, today’s organizations feel a severe shortage of leaders who have both digital literacy to work with data and social intelligence to work with employees. Those who are able to invest in the innovation opportunities offered in the organization and can combine creativity and technology to create valuable innovations in the organization. For those companies that did not have the vision to lead the market and move forward in overcoming the challenges of digitalization, there is a significant shortage of talented staff, and this is a major threat to the survival of such companies.

Mehrzad Ferdows stressed that the digital transformation is disrupting everything that is happening in the workplace today. For those leaders who are oblivious to digital transformation and whose motto is “Employees are our greatest asset,” it can be said, “People are our biggest problem.” New technologies require new skills and, most importantly, new ways of doing things. In such situations, just having people with different skills or improving their skill level does not meet the needs of the organization. To compete in the current situation, organizations need people who have a different approach and attitude to their work. Companies that fail to adapt to digital transformation will be eliminated from the competition. To prevent such an unpleasant fate, it is necessary for leaders and organizational managers to be aware of changes in the workforce.

Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows reiterated that diversity, flexibility, and providing a safe atmosphere for critical thinking in the workplace are recognized as very important factors for the success of companies, these factors allow in addition to higher access to the required skills, you can also use the experiences of experienced people.

Ferdows stated that in order to be able to operate in high-pressure conditions like today, it is necessary for people to be able to combine a combination of digital skills and knowledge necessary for innovation and business management. In fact, different experiences and perspectives of individuals can give the organization a wider potential for growth.

Having employees with diverse gender, ethnicity, skills, age, knowledge, and experience in the organization create many perspectives and mindsets that can be critical to innovation. A very important issue is that in order to maximize the benefits of diversity, a culture of integration should be encouraged to ensure that different perspectives and alternative insights can work together properly and in a healthy way while adding value to the organization.

Mehrzad Ferdows stressed that traditional knowledge management tools (training content, employee skills list, electronic registration systems) have paved the way for new strategies that can transform the organization. Items such as data analysis, algorithms, big data, and automation can be of great help to the organization, especially the human resources department. Whether or not rigid organizational models that impede the free flow of ideas and information will sooner or later disappear.

Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows concluded that in successful, agile, and innovative organizations, repetitive tasks are performed by robots and automation systems, and employees are used to focusing on tasks that require creativity and idea generation. New advances in artificial intelligence help us to benefit from the coherence and outcome of the human-machine activity. As a manager, try to evaluate the leadership team and the board and evaluate how to adapt and facilitate digital innovation and transformation. Organizational changes are ready. In the meantime, having a coach with experience working in the digital field can help you a lot. Train the executive team to have a clear understanding of the management and support of those internal process changes that lead to changes in human resources and system Provides work. The fact is that many organizational guidelines and charters need to be revised in order to grow the organization in accordance with the current situation and the growth of technology.

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