There Are Reasons to Install Ceiling and Whole House Fans

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There Are Reasons to Install Ceiling and Whole House Fans

April 13
07:12 2021
There Are Reasons to Install Ceiling and Whole House Fans

The residents of Glendora, CA are fortunate to live in a climate where air conditioning is sparsely needed, even on extremely warm days. If enough air flows through a home, people can go about their day without feeling uncomfortable due to stagnate air hot creating a dead space. For homeowners with air circulation issues, call upon the team at Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air to install a whole house fan or multiple ceiling fans to remedy the situation.

A Trustworthy and Reliable Team of Technicians

Providing expert electrical and HVAC service to the residents in and around Glendora, CA for over two decades, the staff of Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air has made a name for themselves with their quality craftsmanship and affordable rates. Offering every customer a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee, the team of licensed technicians never leaves a job incomplete or in a state of disarray. The team’s attention to detail means customers never have to worry about damage to their home or having to clean up after the fact.

An Easy Way to Cool the Entire Home

A whole house fan keeps a house comfortable by pulling in cool outdoor air through the windows while forcing out all of the hot, stale air through the attic vents. The fan is built into a specific ceiling location to provide the most efficient way to pull air equally from all directions. This ensures that some rooms don’t get more airflow than others and helps keep a consistent temperature. The installation of a whole house fan lowers energy bills, keeps constant fresh air flowing through the home, and provides more airflow than multiple stand or ceiling fans.

Whole-Home Fans Can Have Drawbacks

Individuals that suffer from seasonal allergies may find that ceiling fans are more beneficial since outdoor pollen and allergens won’t be sucked inside. Dealing with these annoyances can be bothersome enough in an outdoor setting, let alone bringing them into the home. Ceiling fans are also fairly quiet, whereas whole-house fans vary in sound from mild to exceptionally loud. Anyone sensitive to loud noises would prefer the low, soothing tone of a ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fan Installation Should Always Be Handled By a Professional

Since ceiling fans require extra support, DIY homeowners can’t simply replace a lighting fixture with one and expect no resulting damage. Accurate’s experienced technicians will thoroughly evaluate the ceiling and electrical options to determine what is needed to install each new fan. They will then consult with the customer to inform them on all of the job specifics, including parts, labor, and overall messiness before any work begins. To learn more about the electrical services available, homeowners can visit

Routine Servicing For Homes With Air Conditioning

When the summer heat becomes too much for a homeowner to bear and they decide to kick on the air conditioning, knowing that the system will operate smoothly after a long dormancy is comforting. Scheduling annual maintenance keeps an AC unit in top shape and functioning whenever it’s needed. The service revolves around a skilled technician cleaning dust and dirt out of the unit, lubricating all moving parts, replacing the filter, testing the system response, topping off the Freon, and resetting the thermostat. Scheduling this upkeep through extends the air conditioner’s life span and guarantees instant relief from unbearable temperatures.

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