Writer Ron Townsen Creates New Sci-Fi & Adventures in “Da Vinci Connections”

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Writer Ron Townsen Creates New Sci-Fi & Adventures in “Da Vinci Connections”

May 24
19:53 2021

Seasoned writer Ron Townsen is pleased to share his latest work, “Da Vinci Connections.” Mr. Townsen has successfully executed similar sci-fi books in the past, which have garnered a massive fan following. This historical fiction is bound to cause a few ripples with its somewhat controversial nature. “Da Vinci Connections” made it to the stores on August 18, 2015.

The story is set in the late 15th century, where an underground war once inundated the cities of Italy. Rumors of the Templar treasure spread like wildfire while the Sicilian Mafia took birth and thrived. At the time, Leonardo da Vinci rose to become the head of the freemasons group. To protect their secrets, he put together a plan to defeat the double-headed snake and, in the bargain, created some of the most advanced military concept weapons of his time. Intermixed with Love, loyalty, death, and conspiracy, “Da Vinci Connections” unfolds dark, forgotten secrets of the past.

Over my life, I continue to enjoy reading Sci-Fi along with dreaming and discussing concepts of Black Holes, Neutron stars, star factories, the edge of the visible universe or how many dimensions are really in our universe. I write these stories as an offer to provide my readers with a chance to imagine, to ask the questions of “What If”, and to think about who we are in this wondrous universe; question what they think they know as a fact; and to examine the subject of “Are we alone?” I hope you enjoy it”, says the author of Da Vinci Connections, Ron Townsen.

“Da Vinci Connections,” tells the tale of the attacks on society by the church, who firmly believed in protecting their view of bloodline of Christ. This leads to the second line of attack by the Sicilian Mafia as they pick up information pointing to a hint for the Templar Treasure. 

Ron Townsen received official training in nuclear physics. He continues to spend time working in military systems and computers while maintaining an interest in oceanography, nuclear and particle physics, along Cosmology and reading about the Knights Templar as a hobby. His books echo the experience he gained in his travels to Japan, Europe, Singapore, and many other beautiful places. 

For more information, visit Ron Townsen’s Blog on his website: www.Watcherinthefall.com

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