World Premiere: Key Technology of Thermal Insulation Material Y-Warm in GOFE

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World Premiere: Key Technology of Thermal Insulation Material Y-Warm in GOFE

June 10
12:27 2021

The Global Outdoor Fashion Exhibition 2021 (in short GOFE 2021), which was hosted by Textile & Garment Chamber of Commerce, All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce and LISO Group, and co-organized by China Feather and Down Industrial Association, was held on May 27th-29th at National Exhibition and Convention Center. GOFE 2021 lasted for 3 days with an exhibition area of 30,000 m2 and attracted more than 29,000 visitors. The forum of the creation in sports and outdoor apparel was initiated during this exhibition. A world premiere from Beijing MatrixTech Technologies Co. Ltd has released the key technology of their thermal insulation material Y-Warm.

Chief Scientist Feipeng Zhong from Y-Warm in the world premiere

According to the chief Scientist Feipeng Zhong from Beijing MatrixTech Technologies Co. Ltd, the core technology of Y-Warm has achieved breakthrough in the mechanical performance of nanoporous materials that has troubled scientists for decades. Since the existing nanoporous materials have inherent defects in mechanical properties, their excellent thermal insulation performance cannot be applied in application, except in the field of aerospace under special conditions which does not require mechanical properties.

Surface Morphology of Y-warmin SEM

The closed-cell rate of Y-Warm is above 95%, which renders excellent mechanical performance. The thickness of wall is 20-180 nm, and the diameter is 30-190 μm. Under room and low temperature, a deformation of the pore can be caused by the outside pressure. The pore would rebound back when the pressure is removed. Y-Warm can be applied in clothing, food, housing and transportation at the temperature range of -50 – 150 ℃.

Cross-sectional Morphology in SEM of Y-Warm

The thermal isolation performance of Y-Warm excels cashmere and comparable with the hair of polar bear, which decreases the thickness of winter clothing by 80% and increases the warm-keeping effect by 5 times.

Beijing MatrixTech Technologies Co. Ltd was founded on June 13, 2019. The project of Y-Warm was launched in 2013 and succeeded in 2017. The mass production was realized in 2019 and the product is released in market in 2021. The production of this material is Eco-friendly, and the only exhaust is water vapor which can be recycled. The VOC cannot be detected. Y-Warm can be used in multiple fields, especially for the upgrading to green and energy-efficient industry.

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