ISO-CERT.VN Certification Organization in Vietnam

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ISO-CERT.VN Certification Organization in Vietnam

September 14
09:25 2021
ISO-CERT.VN Certification Organization in Vietnam
ISO-CERT.VN affirms PRESTIGE and QUALITY in providing audit services, quality management system certification, product inspection certification. Providing the best solution for businesses in Vietnam
ISO-CERT.VN Certification Organization in Vietnam is one of the most prestigious certification consulting companies in Vietnam. We are ready to cooperate with all global partners in the field of ISO certification

About ISO-CERT in Vietnam

ISO-CERT International Certification Office (ISO-CERT.VN) is based in Vietnam. ISO-CERT.VN is the leading ISO Management System Registrar in Europe with offices operating in four locations globally, delivering ISO accredited and certified ISO Management Audits 9001. ISO-CERT.VN also conducts other ISO Management System certifications using internally developed standards, some of which are ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 22718 and many others. We work in full compliance with ISO/IEC 17021-1 and ISO 19011 Management System guidelines for all ISO Registration Bodies and Registration Bodies. ISO-CERT.VN is a registration & certification organization recognized by the International Accreditation Service (IAS).


Our clients and operating agreements span over 36 countries globally, we specialize in auditing and certifying companies and individuals in ISO Management Systems. Our professionally certified training programs include Auditor and Lead Auditor for Quality Management System 9001, Occupational Health & Safety Management System 45001 and Safety Management Systems. ISO 22000 Food Safety and other Food Safety Management Systems.

At its core, ISO-CERT.VN is a combination of industry experts from many global sectors including but not limited to Oil & Gas, Energy, Tourism & Hospitality, Farm Supply Chain and food, Food processing, Construction and Project management. We are confident that our highly skilled team of Auditors & Lecturers combined with excellent service can help you achieve global recognition. The global landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, highlighting the important need for Standardization and certification. Global Compliance Services puts you or your organization at the forefront of the global ISO Certification community.

ISO-CERT Accreditation capacity

ISO-CERT.VN is internationally recognized for providing ISO Management System Audits and Certifications, so your certification will be recognized globally. Our online searchable database is commonly used to verify ISO-CERT.VN certified organizations. Join hundreds of organizations that have benefited from our services.

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, we will respond to you within a few hours if not immediately. Our live customer service agents are always online to discuss any requirements or concerns you may have. Just click the blue tab at the bottom right of your screen at any time.

ISO-CERT.VN conducts IAS Accredited Assessment and ISO Certification (9001 – Quality). The standards recognized by ISO-CERT.VN include (14001 – Environment), (45001 – Occupational Safety), (22000 – Food Safety) as our main standards. Contact us if you require Audits and Certifications for standards other than these.

Experienced Professionals

The strength of our organization lies in our experienced Auditors and Lecturers. We recruit, contract with various Auditors and Trainers globally throughout our Affiliate and partner network. All Auditors and Trainers are certified and experienced, most with over 10 years in providing ISO Auditing and Training programmes.

ISO-CERT.VN auditors consider an audit to be a professional dialogue between equal partners. Instead of completing a checklist, the ISO-CERT.VN auditors focus entirely on the auditee and understand individual management systems.

Tailor-made audit plan

Each audit is individually planned and based on the needs of each individual organization. This includes the maturity of the management system, technological, economic or cultural conditions and the main themes of an organization. Since the majority of our auditors are qualified not only in quality management standards but also in other areas of expertise, such as environment, health and safety, automotive, management, etc. energy management and other areas, ISO-CERT.VN can provide our customers with a team capable of virtually any combination of standards.

Technical capability

All auditors of ISO-CERT.VN have professional qualifications, university degrees and practical business experience. Among our auditors are medical doctors, engineers, food safety experts, biologists, financiers, professors and many others. In addition, they also have extensive experience in management systems and techniques, and a proven record of hands-on experience in the various industry areas they audit. Our clients benefit from their expertise.

Qualification and training

ISO-CERT.VN promotes a harmonized assessment approach and a common understanding of standard interpretations. To that end, we conduct an annual worldwide mandatory auditor training program that covers topics such as interpretation of standards, audit techniques, interviewing and research methods. typical study.

Audit as motivation

The auditors of ISO-CERT.VN create a working environment that allows all relevant people to honestly represent their field of activity. The goal is to find strengths as well as valuable improvement potential. ISO-CERT.VN auditors’ social competence and respect are essential for successful audits.



Our Policy; Control the quality management system, operated by putting customer satisfaction first, in accordance with the principles and goals adopted, by following technological developments and regulations. legal conditions parallel to today’s rapidly changing conditions, in the inspection, testing, monitoring and training services provided to stakeholders in areas where we are competent and capacity. is to provide services without compromising the values ​​of reliability and quality, and to become a leading organization that will stand out in the international arena by increasing its reach day by day.

In providing these services, ISO-CERT.VN aims to work with all its employees within the framework of equal opportunity, regardless of language, religion, race, political affiliation, gender, ethnicity, in accordance with the principles of equal service, confidentiality, impartiality, independence, ensuring the objectivity of all conformity assessment services and compliance with the rules professional ethics. It accepts to do so honestly without compromise and protects all kinds of customer’s intellectual property rights as a principle.

On the basis of our policy; We aim to provide customer-oriented, timely, fast, reliable and quality service. A key principle for all of our employees is that our company continues its activities in accordance with codes of professional ethics to achieve these goals. If our customers have any complaints or objections in these areas, our company will handle the matter meticulously and implement the process according to an objective structure.

ISO-CERT.VN, with a quality management system established and operated in accordance with the conditions, these principles will meet the requirements of TS EN ISO / IEC 17021-1 and TS EN standards ISO/IEC 17065, consistently and without compromise, will ensure the continuity of its effectiveness in delivering this, that these policies and objectives will be implemented by ISO-CERT.VN.

ISO-CERT.VN is committed to complying with other relevant legal requirements, standards, documentation and accreditation requirements in the provision of services.

ISO-CERT.VN is committed to processing, evaluating and retaining all types of information and documents obtained or generated about customers in the provision of services, in accordance with legal and accreditation conditions, confidentiality and without prejudice to the principles of fairness, according to objective criteria.

ISO-CERT.VN, regardless of the size, geographic location, social and political influence of the companies it serves, will provide reliable services based on objective data consistent with principles of confidentiality, fairness and independence, under scientific judgment, under scientific judgment, without any pressure and without any benefit. It undertakes that it will not give any advice on how to do it easily and will work to eliminate or reduce risks by performing the risk assessment necessary to prevent possible conflicts of interest. could happen and trade, economic and all kinds of pressure would jeopardize fairness.

To ensure objectivity, ISO-CERT.VN ensures that those involved in the decision mechanism are different from those involved in the conformity assessment process, through the procedures to which it applies.

ISO-CERT.VN is responsible for all certification-related decisions in the areas served by ISO-CERT.VN

ISO-CERT.VN is committed to environmental safety while delivering on its commitments and implementing adequate security measures by keeping employees’ occupational health and safety awareness at a high level. altitude with training courses.


ISO-CERT contact information in Vietnam

ISO-CERT International Certification Office
Address Office: Building HH2A Linh Dam Urban Area, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
Email: [email protected]
Hotline: (+84) 0986816789 (Ms Hoa)
Hotline: (+84) 0988359999 (Mr Tiep)

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Media Contact
Company Name: ISO-CERT
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: Send Email
Phone: 0988359999
Address:HH2A Linh Dam Hoang Mai
City: Ha Noi
Country: Vietnam

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