Superior Compounding Pharmacy’s Dr. Powers Hair Regrowth Serum V 5.0 is Now Available for Sale

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Superior Compounding Pharmacy’s Dr. Powers Hair Regrowth Serum V 5.0 is Now Available for Sale

November 18
10:53 2021

Superior Compounding Pharmacy introduces the all-new Dr. Powers Hair Regrowth Serum V 5.0. This line of hair regrowth products is exclusively formulated by the company meant to combat temporary hair loss due to Covid-19 infection. The product delivers both quality and efficiency compared to the ones available in the market today.

“What exactly makes this serum different from other products in the market? The serum was designed to help people deal with hair loss without the terrible side effects of other products. It contains ingredients known to treat hair loss in the most efficient way possible”, says a spokesperson for Superior Compounding Pharmacy.

Dr. Powers Hair Regrowth Serum V 5.0 is packed with ingredients like Minoxidil, Azelaic acid, Biotin, Dutasteride, etc. Minoxidil is one of the most prevalent treatments for androgenic alopecia and other hair loss conditions.  Along with that, Azelaic acid has been proven effective for treating hair loss. It stimulates catalase activation, which in turn promotes hair growth by up-regulating Gli1 and Gli2 mRNA and Shh protein.

According to a study, Biotin helps promote hair growth in women through carboxylase co-enzyme or keratin synthesis. Another component, Dutasteride, was tested in men with androgenic alopecia, where it was proven to hit both 5AR isoforms and promote an increase in total hair count to represent new hair growth in the study subjects.

Other ingredients found in the Dr. Powers Hair Regrowth Serum V 5.0 include tretinoin, naltrexone, phenytoin, latanoprost, and spironolactone. The hair regrowth serum also helps people fight the signs of aging visible on their hair, especially those who are recovering from the alopecia caused by cancer treatment and other autoimmune diseases.

The Dr. Powers Hair Regrowth Serum V 5.0 is available in a 100ml spray bottle that makes it easy to use.  The product is priced at $140 for the 100-ml bottle and can be purchased exclusively at Superior Compounding in Plymouth, Michigan. The company ships its products to states including Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

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