Bubble Walls Are the New Vogue for Business Settings – Let’s Appreciate The Versatility of Bubble Walls

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Bubble Walls Are the New Vogue for Business Settings – Let’s Appreciate The Versatility of Bubble Walls

September 18
18:28 2019
Custom Bubble walls are great ways to add relaxation, elegance, and entertainment to office settings. At Midwest Tropical, they are custom-made into a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, making them ideal for virtually every type of business office, restaurant or spa. Read on to discover how Bubble walls have multiple benefits over aquariums, wall paintings, and artificial plants.

Enhance Your Business Settings with Unique Indoor Water Features

A bubble wall consists of a clear panel that showcases a regal underwater environment. The panel is created from acrylic and is similar to an aquarium. Inside the bubble wall panels, are transparent, plastic tubes that are connected to a concealed motor that pumps bubble through them, creating a hypnotizing assortment of bubbles. Bubble wall indoor water features are very versatile due to their color and size possibilities. Wall-hanging, floor-standing, and interior window water fountains are the three principal types of bubble walls. Apart from adding a focal point to a business setting, bubble walls can also serve as art pieces and room dividers.

The Versatility Of Bubble Walls

Custom bubble walls are exceptionally versatile and can be used in virtually any type of business setting. Large, free-standing fountains can serve as walls or room dividers. Small, wall-mounted bubble walls can replace generic, boring artwork in offices. Bubble walls make for great additions in dental and medical office waiting rooms, restaurants, bars, spas, and clubs. They can also be used in residential settings as an element of a man cave, in-home bar, and entertainment room.

Apart from their versatility in being able to be used virtually anywhere, they also have other benefits that separate them from artificial plants and aquariums. While bubble walls offer a soothing water-trickling effect, they are easy and less expensive to maintain. They don’t spill water like conventional indoor fountains. At Midwest Tropical, these indoor water features can also be custom-made to reflect your company’s logo and style. The best part? You and your guests/clientele will be treated to a soothing visual display.

Here are some places where our custom bubble wall might find its use:

Bars & Nightclubs:

Bars have preserved their status as gathering places for friends and a place to meet new people, while –   Nightclubs – for their pulsing energy. Both of these settings are great places for exciting, yet hypnotic, LED light bubble walls that show off their most magnificent visual display in dark places. Besides the wall-mounted or free-standing bubble walls, these types of fountains can work as the foundation of bar tops, supplementing to the desired feel of the space.

Hotel & Restaurants:

Custom Bubble wall features can appreciate whatever mood one wants, making them perfect for any kind of restaurant, whether it’s a fun hip environment, a casual family dining spot, or an upscale or romantic fine dining setting. The speed and lighting of the bubbles can be customized to match your desired mood. For example, a yellow-lit bubble fountain with fast bubbles may be a hit with young diners while a dark-blue-colored bubble water wall having slowly moving bubbles may boost the relaxing, romantic feel of an upscale dining restaurant.

Corporate Offices:

Corporate Companies like to show off their affluence with luxurious-looking, hip and chic architecture, décor, and interior design. Just like bubble walls can be custom-made to look elegant and evoke relaxation, they can work as unique, contemporary pieces of art that will conveniently catch clientele’s attention. Some business hubs like the Silicone Valley and New York in California emphasize modernity as many of their workers are young millennials who crave creativity. Custom-made bubble walls from Midwest Tropical would be far more significant additions to corporate offices that fit the above description owing to their contemporary look and feel.

Spas & Salons:

While the trickling of conventional indoor fountains offers a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing sound and appeal, bubbles walls are another great option. Though bubble walls don’t produce a sound, their continuous flow of bubbles is hypnotizing and relaxing to watch. Their soothing effect can be accentuated by being lit with soothing colors like turquoise, purple, and blue. These colored bubble walls offer a soothing atmosphere for guests as they wait for services or are getting services done.

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