What Tools are Truckers in Canada Using Today?

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What Tools are Truckers in Canada Using Today?

November 20
14:22 2019

People see all of the different trucks and trailers out there on highways today, but they rarely think of how truckers keep them on the road or even what kind of tools they use to help them in their daily tasks. Trucking companies, like everyone else, need the right tools for the right job, like those supplied by Toronto Trailers. The most common types of tools used in trucking today are many and varied.

Chain Binders and Transport Chains

Chain binders, binder locks, and binder ratchets all fall under a single umbrella of the tools that are used to secure the loads that everyone sees on the back of transport trucks. These are the tools truckers use to keep those loads from falling off! Locking clips keep those loads in place as do chain binders. Ratchets ensure that those chains are tight.

Without these basic tools transport would probably look a great deal different and probably be a great deal more dangerous!

Decking Beams, Cargo Bars, and Load Bars

The next instalment in the list of trucker’s important tools is Decking Beams, Cargo Bars, and Load Bars. These are all tools meant to aid in the securing of loads by way of different means. Load bars, for instance, are used as a kind of secure bar that prevents loads from shifting or falling out of the truck. Most people don’t know what they are because they never see them to begin with!

Decking beams serve a similar purpose in keeping freight in place, but they can also be secured, in numbers, to create a second shelf of storage within a truck. Load bars are used as horizontal bars that are secured to both walls of the trailer to ensure that loads don’t shift or move around during transport.

So, for anyone who ever wondered how all of the cargo that trucks transport doesn’t move around and cause damage, now they have the answer.

Packaging Supplies

Now, where would anyone be without packaging supplies to send packages through the mail? Well, transport trucks need many of the same things to transport goods. This list includes bubble wrap, foam protectors, floor runners, gloves, hand film, mattress bag covers, moving boxes, newsprint packaging, and tape, to name a few.

Ratchet Straps

This is one of the few tools used by truckers that people might actually have seen before, but didn’t know what they were. Whenever a person sees an open-air load on the flatbed of a truck, they’ve probably noticed what almost looks like tape holding them in place.

Those long, tough straps are ratchet straps. They’re called this because they are “ratcheted” in place to make sure the load is secure and doesn’t move around and become loose during transport. 

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