Staying Fit As A Traveling Entrepreneur In 2020 With Jake Havron

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Staying Fit As A Traveling Entrepreneur In 2020 With Jake Havron

January 21
19:12 2020

Entrepreneurship is a crazy field, it requires a level of dedication that most can’t commit to. Late nights, early mornings, constant travel & more 60+ hour weeks. Many entrepreneurs are able to master their skills, but unfortunately for most, they fail to master the other aspects of their lives, staying healthy and fit is difficult when you’re constantly traveling and working long weeks. Today we had the pleasure to sit down with Health & Success Coach Jake Havron, who specializes in working with entrepreneurs to help them build a personalized workout and meal plan that’s catered specifically to their schedules, goals, and dieting preferences. Jake used to be a nurse, understands the human body and the science that is needed to generate real results. Jake now travels and speaks at events sharing his story and knowledge with entrepreneurs and business leaders worldwide and coaches some of the highest performers in the country and we are pleased to get the opportunity to ask him the questions everyone is wondering.

Hey Jake thanks for taking the time to sit down with me today, before we hop into everything can you give our audience a brief introduction about who you are and what you do?

Great way to start it is I basically love giving people their dream bodies the easiest way possible; I mean seeing people’s lives change before their eyes energizes me!  I originally was a nurse who had a passion to help patients but now I’ve found my calling of not just getting people out of the hospital but instead keeping them out. I am currently a Health & Success Coach who has worked with a variety of people from small business owners to Fortune 500 CEOs, all the way up to Tony Robbins’ Speakers.

That’s amazing! However, I can’t help but wonder how you’re so successful in such a saturated market, can you explain what makes you stand out from your competition?

Just like any other industry, I started at the bottom where I was amongst thousands of others doing the exact same thing. I did have a slight edge from my beginnings of being a trainer because of my nursing background but still was in a saturated field. As I continued to master my craft and help people transform their bodies as well as their lives, I began to start noticing where the pain points truly were because of my own lifestyle shift of traveling frequently and becoming inconsistent with my health.

One day in my hotel room, I was putting my shirt on in front of a mirror and saw this stubborn lower belly fat I never had, felt this lower back pain that was there for no reason, and just felt uncomfortable in my own skin. It was at that defining moment I said “I’ve had enough!” and that I need to figure out how to maintain this traveling lifestyle while increasing my health & Vitality. I went online and looked for answers on a specific system to follow. Something that can guide me in this path, but I found nothing to fully resolve my problem. So, for the next 7 months, I did my own research, compiled all the knowledge I could, and made a system that would easily allow traveling and busy entrepreneurs increase their health & vitality while on the move. So what makes me stand out from the rest is that I am not just teaching theory but am giving the exact system I use to keep me at my optimal during traveling.

Incredible, now Jake how is what you’re doing now more hands on than in-person training?

I started off as an in-person trainer training up to 8 clients a day for almost a whole year. There are a lot of benefits to it. One of the most beneficial parts to it quite frankly is that its a scheduled meeting for my client, so they feel bound to show up which means progress! Unfortunately, I saw problems start to arise when I would have clients go on trips and come back with all their weight added back on after they spent weeks trying to lose it. Being an in-person trainer, I would only see them for 1 hour a day, which is only 4% of their day. They would have no systems in place on what to do the other 96% of the day which is when the real results are made such as diet, lifestyle habits, sleep routines, mindset work, and recovery. Working as an online coach allows me to provide all of those solutions to anyone in the world and it doesn’t matter if you’re home or traveling.

Now Jake you’ve been referred to as the “Emirates of health & Wellness”, but has there ever been a client you’ve worked with that just couldn’t generate results?

Great question! And yes we are referred to as the Emirates of Health & Wellness because we get clients to their destination of whatever goal they desire in the most comfortable way possible. And yes, out of the hundreds of clients we served, there was a client who just couldn’t get the results he desired. He was a hard worker and very committed to his progression towards his dream body. We implemented multiple workout techniques, nutrition regimens, and lifestyle habits. Unfortunately, he just wasn’t seeing the results and it was at that point where I felt like there needed to be a “fresh start” for him with another trained professional. So what we did is searched up a local gym near him and researched for a high-quality trainer. We relayed all his stats and info of what worked and what didn’t so this trainer can help him achieve his goals. After following up with him, he has now been working with this new trainer for over 2 months and has been seeing great results! At this moment I learned that you can’t help everyone but you can help them in different ways and I am more than happy to see him get results whether its from us or another trainer.

If you don’t mind me asking, I’d like to learn more about the program itself and the types of people you work with. Do you specifically work with people trying to lose weight or put on muscle?

So in our Defined Body Academy, we specialize in working with those busy entrepreneurs who are always on the move. We are not a “weight loss” program because that is not the mindset we want to reinforce. We promote a mindset of increasing and mastering the “3 Keys to Success in Life” which is Vitality, Confidence, and Peak Performance. The way we stand out is we make CUSTOM exercise plans specific to the work & travel schedule of each client so they don’t feel like they’re following a cookie cutter plan made for anybody. We also create unique meal plans to our client’s exact liking of food so they don’t even feel like they are following a diet. Clients love how they get set up with meal prep delivery so no matter where they travel, they can expect healthy & tasty meals waiting in their hotel room fridge. Though with all this exciting plan making, true results come from having a strong mindset. Success in health, business, or life is 80% psychology and 20% strategy. We make sure to provide clients with all the coaching and support to answer all our client’s needs as well as level up their mindset so they can truly master their health and life.

From what we’ve discussed it seems like you work with some really high performers who are constantly on the move, how do you keep them consistently getting results?

Complexity is the killer of success. We keep delivering consistent results to our high performers because we understand their main ambitions are to succeed in their profession and leave a bigger impact on their family, community, and the world. We don’t aim to take away that time from their ambitions by making them be in the gym for hours a day and meal prepping every day, but instead, we implement workouts that can be as short as 20mins and follow a nutrition plan that is convenient. There is definitely time to exercise for just a few hours a week out of our 168 hour week, no matter how busy you are. Taking some time of the day out for exercising and healthy routines have been proven to add time back by increasing the client’s efficient work capacity and energy.

What does it mean to be a “success coach”? do you believe in mentors/coaches?/

My title is “Health & Success Coach” because I don’t just coach in the health field. I have gone through my own learning as well as learned from some of the most successful mentors. Now I can funnel this knowledge to specifically help each client achieve their goals. Not only is health a vital pillar for success, but so is high performance habits, lifestyle routines, mindset coaching for business and relationships, and so many other aspects. As a nurse, we learned the concept that “the day you stop learning is the day you stop being a nurse” and this couldn’t be any more true for life success in general. Whether you live a simple lifestyle, just started up your own business, or you are completely crushing life and living the dream, there’s always another level. I have a saying that you can either tread through the mud with all the rest and come short to your destination, or use the vehicles that mentors have made for you to ride in and go farther than you can ever imagine.

Jake, This has been truly inspirational, thanks so much for taking the time to sit down with me today, can you leave the readers with a piece of advice and the best way for someone to get in contact with you?

The hardest part of change is taking that first step. The human brain doesn’t like the idea of doing something that is out of it’s comfort zone because the brain is wired to live off of fear & pleasure. But when you have enough pull to transform your life, have a vision of where you want to be, and someone to help you walk the right path, you are destined for your success. It just takes that first step.

The best way to get in contact with me would be to email me at [email protected]. Would love to hear from you!

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