Clip Strip Corp. Improves How Products are Merchandised at Retail

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Clip Strip Corp. Improves How Products are Merchandised at Retail

November 25
16:45 2020
Businesses are always seeking new, innovative ways to display their products to customers at the point of purchase.

A brand or retailer’s success relies as much on their merchandising displays as it does with the product’s quality. This is where Clip Strip Corp. excels. At their most basic, “Clip Strips®” are retail displays that hang multiple quantities of the same product in a vertical orientation on hooks. These “Clip Strips” historically are plain stock versions that are not built to get attention themselves, rather they are made so the product displayed receives all the attention.

Most stores have unused space, also known as “dead space”, within their retail shelves, walls etc. With the right display strips, these seemingly dead spaces are transformed into prime display spaces. The product has been used by retailers, manufacturers, importers, co-packers and distributors since 1980 – to sell more at retail.

Over time, Clip Strip Corp., inventor of the “display strip” with their Clip Strip® Brand, realized the strip itself can play a secondary role – not only merchandising the product but advertising it as well. So, they improved on their stock display strips with custom printed versions that turn out to be more visually appealing. “Custom Printed Display Merchandising Strips give brands an enormous advantage in getting attention at the shelf edge and point of purchase. This advantage translates to products standing out among a sea of competition, and in turn, selling through faster”, says John Spitaletta, CMO of Clip Strip Corp.

Clip Strip Corp. currently offers the following product line: clip strips®, product merchandising systems, peg hooks, hang tabs and shelf dividers; display construction components; ceiling hanging systems; sign holders, literature holders and more. They are continuously expanding their range of products, adding new designs and variations based on reviews and feedback from customers. The company plans to continually add to its line-up of store shelving components, retail displays and sign holder products, etc. They strive to develop new designs all in an effort to meet and exceed the demands of their customers.

Clip Strip Corp. encourages its customers to contact its team and discuss their needs for in-store display merchandising whenever they need a stock or custom display solution. The team has attentive customer service representatives who promptly relay requests to the company’s research and development team.

Clip Strip Corp. has extensive experience in the POP industry, so its team is fully capable of producing products that meet the requirements of customers needing innovative displays. Their research and development, paired with their state-of-the-art technology, helps their team design, develop and test their new and custom products.

The entire process of their product development includes initial inquiry, prototyping and to on-site delivery. The customers will receive progress reports throughout the process. More information can be found at

About Clip Strip Corp

Clip Strip Corp. was founded by Edward D. Spitaletta, the man who invented the Clip Strip® Brand Merchandising Strip that revolutionized retail merchandising. It continually innovates and develops point of purchase merchandising tools all in an effort to help their customers “sell more at retail”.

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