Online Business and software startups are no longer just for coders.

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Online Business and software startups are no longer just for coders.

August 16
20:13 2021 now live to help anyone launch a startup in just 5 steps.

All the pros know that the startup game is a mathematical equation. The right solution for the right audience at the right time. If any one of those factors are off, game over, try again. But, what if one could could try again and again without using up resources? Resources like: time and money. If that could be done, then it’s just a matter of how many startups someone attempts before one actually works.

So, how do the “pros” launch startups as cheap and as quick as possible so that they can take unlimited chances until they win? That’s the key. David Harrison and the team at Saas Secrets boast a solution to reducing risk and increasing likelihood of success. has mastered the art of planning and testing ideas before they become costly. With the 5 step process developed by David Harrison, a seasoned startup and Fortune 50 veteran, seemingly anyone can drop an idea into the SaaSsecrets “machine” and dramatically increase their chances of success by avoiding common mistakes. David Harrison was a key player in Sysco Food’s acquisition of Silicon Valley startup CAKE. A struggling Point of Sale Company that needed a complete business model redesign, led by David. As soon as the model was flipped, sales jumped nearly 10x with costs plummeting resulting in a full 9 figure buy-out by Sysco foods. David then joined Procore Technologies where he was on staff during their long anticipated IPO which faired better in the stock exchange than expected.

Now anyone can have access to the SaaS (software as a service) Secrets used by the elite.

Here are the steps you’ll find on SaaSsecrets webpage:

  1. The Perfect Customer Poster
  2. The Perfect Sales Letter
  3. The Perfect Value Climb
  4. The Perfect Marketing plan
  5. The Perfect Content Roadmap

Using ai. and hard work from startup pros, each step provides a “leg up” on the competition. David and team provide access to video training on each subject, and they actually ship you the custom printed result of most steps. As an example, step 1 is the Perfect Customer Poster. This is designed to force the user to decide who their “perfect” buyer is. Once the digital form is completed, David and his team create a beautiful poster detailing who this person is to the “T”. Likes, dislikes, fears and even samples of social ads that would be perfect in catching their attention! How it works is that the answers from the form are sent to their proprietary ai. engine to produce the perfect buyer profile. After some manual tweaks, it’s printed and shipped to be hung on in the office, startup garage etc.

This is the experience of each of their 5 products. Each specifically design to address key portions of the launch process with simplicity and power.

It’s a new day in digital business when the playing field is leveled.

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