Kaiju Legends announces a whitelist mini-game for its upcoming Play-To-Earn metaverse

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Kaiju Legends announces a whitelist mini-game for its upcoming Play-To-Earn metaverse

May 14
03:34 2022
For its forth-coming Play-To-Earn metaverse. Kaiju legends has announced a whitelisted mini-game and has collaborated with some iconic projects for better groundwork of their impending launch.

Arnhem, Netherlands – 14 MAY, 2022 – Kaiju Arena is a metaverse in progress. A multiplayer Play-To-Earn game —  Aiming to use iconic and historical NFT 1/1 renders as playable, Kaiju-style hand-drawn characters.  

Four-player, last-man standing gameplay, pitting your favourite NFT against your opponents. The upcoming main battle game — Kaiju Legends vs other collections

Whitelist mini-game

Why play the mini-game and get whitelisted?

Getting whitelisted means better mint conditions and higher chance to get the rare NFTs. With the number of high quality partnerships  paired with the teams experience, spots are filling fast. A player must score 15 points to win a unique limited whitelisting code to submit in discord. The minigame is available here — https://fartgame.kaijulegends.io

Kaiju Legends has hinted at two potential  launchpads for its upcoming NFT drop and one of them has been rumoured to have 5 million registered users. As the founders still keep the exact details in secret, they have provided hints for the upcoming launchpads on their Discord server. An official announcement coming soon exclusively in their community.

To strengthen the foundations for their upcoming launch, Kaiju Legends has partnered up with already legendary projects, such as Guttercat Gang, Purrnelopes Country Club, Kaiju Kingz and Starkade.

The team’s experience goes back to 2013 when they started to build digital experiences like interactive websites and games for big brands. Altogether they have worked with such household brands like Samsung, Disney, The Coca-Cola, MTC Networks, BBC and much more.

Kaiju Legends team consists of an experienced game development team with proven quality and the backing of parties that can supply the infrastructure necessary to make this project legendary, which is already working on a real, playable classic arcade battle game. Besides the developer team, Kaiju Legends has a word-class artist — Jordy te Braak (PixelKaiju). 

Key People

Founder — Roel WeberRoel is an entrepreneur and game-developer and has worked for brands such as Disney, BBC, Remia, Blokker, WNF, Action, Samsung, Delta Lloyd, Versatel, Agis, the CITO group, Philips Business Communications and MTV Networks.

Key artist — Jordy te BraakOver the years Jordy te Braak has been working for a lot of different clients like Disney, Albert Heijn, Nickelodeon, Samsung, The Coca-Cola Company. 

Key partners

Guttercat Gang — One of the leading NFT projects with a floor price of 4.8 ETH, followed by the crypto Elite, e.g. @Punk6529, @SheldonEvans, @borgetsebastien and Gary Vaynerchuk himself. The Gutter Cats are a collection of 3,000 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain that double as membership tokens into the Gutter Cat Gang. Gutter Cats represent GCG’s premier level of membership, unlocking varying and unique levels of community led access and perks. Owning any of these NFTs opens doors to the exclusive Gutter Cat Gang community with in-real-life (IRL) events and the metaverse (the Gutter City) that it is building on the Sandbox.

Purrnelopes Country Club — founded by one the biggest names in the NFT culture – @Carlini8, who was also the co-founder of NFTBoxes alongside @pranksy. Purrnelopes Country Club is sort of an insider membership club where the brightest minds have been sharing the upcoming blue chip projects and sharing information that hasn’t been published elsewhere. With one of the best communities around and having backing from such an experienced innovative team will provide valuable connections. 

Kaiju Kingz — for those who have been in the NFT space, this name doesn’t require an explanation. Their creed is to expand the Metaverse by supporting talented creatives and developers looking to break into NFTs. $RWASTE radiates in the core of our community, passively generated by Genesis Kaijuz as fuel for their Kaijuz. Kaiju Kingz ecosystem has progressed into something most projects wishes to become.

Starkade — it is a vibrant universe, made up of story, art and gaming. They embrace web3 and web2 technologies, along with physical gaming, to bring their community something truly unique – where they, themselves are in the driving seat. Cofounded by the well respected artist @Signalnoise and the amazing entrepreneur @brandedbynaomi

Social Links:

Official website: https://kaijulegends.io

Whitelisting mini-game: https://fartgame.kaijulegends.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kaijulegendsNFT

Discord: https://discord.gg/kaijulegendsnft

About Kaiju Legends

Kaiju Legends is a colourful multiverse where art, story, toys and gaming come together.

Kaiju Legends is a community-driven collectibles project, while building their own ecosystem around the metaverse. The first wave is a collection of 7777 generated Kaiju using more than 350 unique attributes, living on the Ethereum blockchain — playable characters in the metaverse. Each kaiju is one of a kind and programmatically generated from over 350 possible traits with a wide array of colors, facial features, outfits, headwear, accessories, and backgrounds. All kaiju are adored, but some are rarer than others.

Purchasing a Kaiju costs 0.15 ETH if you are whitelisted and 0.25 ETH in the public sale.

Every Kaiju Legends holder has access to “The Portal”, an exclusive members-only area where holders have access to exclusive partnership NFT mints and members only content.

Media Contact
Company Name: AXASTUDIOS B.V.
Contact Person: Roel Weber
Email: Send Email
State: Arnhem
Country: Netherlands
Website: https://kaijulegends.io

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