ZTE COO States The Key to Greater Societal Resilience is Digitalization at Post MWC22 Sharing Session

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ZTE COO States The Key to Greater Societal Resilience is Digitalization at Post MWC22 Sharing Session

June 27
13:09 2022

Recently, Mr. Xie Junshi, EVP and COO of ZTE Corporation, attended the Post MWC22 Sharing session organized by the GSMA and explored several of the exciting new trends in scenario-based 5G applications, mobile technologies, and industry developments in the current digitalization area.

Mr. Xie pointed out that in the VUCA era, digitalization is continually improving our society’s “immune system,” playing a vital role in addressing not just the present epidemic but also long-term public health challenges such as population aging while fostering sustainable growth. With global digitization growing, both technology and the market are evolving in a disruptive way, bringing in more innovations and possibilities. CSPs are pushing the transformation to DSPs in order to preserve a competitive advantage. ZTE Corporation aspires to collaborate with all partners to create a digital and intelligent ecosystem by focusing on scenarios and value generation.

The following are some of Mr. Xie Junshi’s key points:

1. The immune system of society is being strengthened as global digitization accelerates.

In the post-pandemic period, digitalization is the path to greater societal resilience. It supports our lifestyles in telecommuting, online cooperation, and digital manufacturing, while also ensuring the overall health of our economy. In addition to addressing VUCA and population aging, digitalization helps to promote green, low-carbon, and sustainable development.

Both the market and technology are developing in a disruptive way, driven by scenario and value. MWC 2022 highlights the progression from mobile Internet to IoE and AIoE, marked by ubiquitous 5G connection, AI advancement, cloud-network convergence, and new technologies. Global digitalization is speeding up nowadays, bringing more technology advances and commercial opportunities. CSPs are pushing the transformation to DSPs in order to preserve a competitive advantage.

Higher efficiency has always been the most important component in every industrial revolution. This present digitization revolution is no exception. Most of the digital innovations offered by exhibitors at MWC 2022, including ZTE’s, will focus on improving efficiency. ZTE shared ideas for streamlined infrastructure, efficient and intelligent operations, and agile innovations for attaining growth in the second curve of digital services. ZTE Corporation has also used scenario-based techniques to provide the best experience and efficiency while also fostering long-term growth and technical developments.

2. Enterprises’ primary objective is sustainable growth, and three factors are crucial to encouraging 5G deployment in the To B market.

Consumers anticipate a better experience with 5G networks, while businesses anticipate cheaper expenses, more efficiency, and increased revenue. 5G technology has been widely deployed to verticals in the ToB market thus far.

To accomplish significant advances in the To B area, however, it is necessary to form partnerships with operators and businesses in which everyone benefits. We must collaborate on three fronts: establishing and maintaining competitive differentiation, building successful business models to accelerate value generation, and investigating the way to mass customization.

3. Consumer expectations are driving 5G applications in the To C space, and infrastructure and ecosystem development will require collaborative approaches.

Consumer expectations are changing, and human skills are growing, which is driving the fast growth of the mobile Internet. The same will be true in the To C field when 5G is implemented. We need to improve network capabilities, computing power, and storage capacity to make the much-discussed metaverse a reality, where 5G technology plays a critical part.

Wide and deep network coverage is critical for promoting 5G applications in the ToC area. We need excellent, cost-effective 5G solutions that can ensure continuous and extensive network coverage both outside and inside, including on high-speed trains, aircraft, and ships. In the sphere of ToC, ZTE Corporation has already achieved several breakthroughs. Furthermore, easy-to-use and cost-effective terminals, as well as other types of content services, will aid in the development of enhanced applications in a stronger and healthier environment.

4. ZTE Corporation is committed to building a “1+2+3” digital ecosystem.

With the launch of 5G-Advanced, the next major chapter of 5G evolution will begin. The first phase of 5G standards is represented by 3GPP Releases 15, 16, and 17, whereas 5G-Advanced is the start of the second phase. Following on the commercial deployment of 5G and the empowerment of verticals throughout the world, 5G-Advanced focuses on improving the user experience and expanding industry applications.

3GPP, in collaboration with industry partners, accepted a work package for its Release 18 in December 2021, signaling the commencement of 5G-Advanced progression. The work package includes 28 study or work items in a variety of scenarios, including eMBB, real-time interactive new media, network intelligence, IoT featuring high-precision positioning and low power consumption, IIoT, Integrated Sensing and Communication (ISAC), fused location, and satellite-cellular network integration. These initiatives will empower us to embrace brand new capabilities, applications, and experiences. ZTE Corporation will continue to collaborate with industry partners to support technical innovation and industrial transformation, targeting at 5G-Advanced.

ZTE Corporation is constantly devoted to establishing a “1+2+3” digital ecosystem, striving to address critical pain points and generate better value for consumers, in order to secure a strong foothold in this process of network transformation.

So what exactly is ”1+2+3”?

“1” refers to a robust foundation consisting of chipsets, algorithms, and architectures. To acquire momentum for expansion, ZTE Corporation must continue to reinforce our base.

“2” denotes intelligence and security, which are critical to 5G networks and business.

“3” stands for capability, performance, and efficiency, all of which should be continually increased via innovation and are critical to 5G’s success.

Progressing to 5G-Advanced, ZTE Corporation will collaborate with industry partners and develop technical advancements to reinvent a digital world.

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